� December 23rd
The January Nominations! are up. Please, please take the time to nominate some characters. :)
� December 20th
� December 1st
Look at that it's the DECEMBER NEWSLETTER!
� November 23rd
The December Nominations! are up. Please, please take the time to nominate some characters. :)
� November 20th
I know that some people might like to communicate through Discord - So here it is! AGAINST THE ODDS DISCORD
� October 22nd
October Activity Check is right here, please complete this by October 31st! Thanks!
� October 2nd
Look at that it's the OCTOBER NEWSLETTER!
� October 1st
Half of the tributes are gone...that means --- 122nd Intent List.
� September 1st
Look at that it's the SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER!
� August 11th
TRIBUTES! Make sure you get signed up for the events, these count towards HP in the games. Thanks! Event Sign Up!
� August 5th
AUGUST NEWSLETTER is up in the Announcements! And the new OTM images are to the right. Congrats to the winners!
� August 4th
Pregames have started! Reapings are posted in the Districts Justice Buildings. Here we go 121st!
� July 8th
The votes are tallied! Looks like the most votes were for Reaping on August 4th and Bloodbath September 15th. If you don't have a tribute yet, Sign up!121st Intent List
� July 2nd
JULY NEWSLETTER is up with lots of important information!!!
� June 20th
We NEED a new staff! Check out the application - STAFF SEARCH!!!
� June 1st
The JUNE NEWSLETTER is posted with our latest information! Who is excited for the bloodbath tomorrow?
� May 24th
The Activity Check is here! And also don't forget to nominate some great people for June of the Months!
� May 1st
Check out our May Newsletter!
� April 21st
The Pregames have started! Find your Reaping in your District Justice Building!
� April 9th
We have a Staff Search Up! Also get those pictures for Shipper Forums to staff so we can get them in.
� April 2nd
Check out the April Newsletter! There is a fun event to go along with it!
� March 24th
It is our GRAND OPENING DAY! Welcome to ATO!
� March 8th
Welcome to Against The Odds! You may begin joining, but we are still under construction and things may still change. We are hoping that our Grand Opening will be March 24th!!
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Day 3 // Late Morning
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Search Claim
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Keep moving forward
Day 3 - Morning, Tag: Wheeler / Epoxy
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The Zyver Region
Active and freindly!
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you don't belong.
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There's No Escape
attn Paxton
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Two Types of People
Attn. Felix
Justice Building Sebastien Marsak 5 31 Yesterday at 11:11 pm
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Our Affiliate Link
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Two Are Better Than One
Attn. Felix
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Moving Merchandise
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First Time for Everything
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real life hawaii
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Don't Let It Break You
Day 3 // Morning
Salt Mine Haven Marinus 8 76 Yesterday at 06:27 pm
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Elevator Rules & Calls
Map & Arena Rules Suzi 1 98 Yesterday at 05:03 pm
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Maddox Gold
Felix // Bill Skarsgard
Capitolites Maddox Gold 1 20 Yesterday at 04:50 pm
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Nova Fairbane
Nym // Zendaya Coleman
Pended Nova Fairbane 1 39 Yesterday at 04:48 pm
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Saffra Lowenek
Criss//Scarlett Leithold
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Theodore Havilliard
Puck // Charlie Puth
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To See The Sunrise
Day 3 || Morning
Hillside Robyn Thistila 7 66 Yesterday at 02:40 pm
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Alive (Pages 1 2 )
Day 2 // Morning
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Nourishment Claim
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Hold back the river
Day 3 || Morning
Red Granite Mine Oren Manning 0 11 Yesterday at 01:12 pm
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