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 Not too far away, Tag Lex
Etta Jarvis
 Posted on: Jun 17 2018, 02:45 AM
I keep going to the river to pray
Posts: 3
District Three
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Etta moved around the district, hearing the rustle of people talk while she drew plans of a project that she was about to oversee in the district. Another day, another house to build. And as much as people thought that Etta was a little too young to be an architect, she defied them one by one.

You see, Etta made it look easy. Since her mother died, it was easy for her to bury herself in her work because she didn’t want to have to think of the hateful person that her mother was.

She spat venom with each word she spoke, and she made sure that her children were scared of her. She was woman who was stone cold in everything she did because that was the way she was raised.

And as much as Etta could respect her mother for the way she was raised, she knew that was not a way to live and be happy.

Etta always told herself that she never wanted to focus on anything that might take her off the course that she planned for herself. She was working towards a dream that would be unattainable for a while, but she knew if she kept working, it would come true one day.

That idea, that hard work will pay off was what kept Etta busy enough.

That one day she could rip down the house that held memories of her past and build something new. Something that she could call hers.

A sanctuary.

But it would never come true. Not if she didn’t keep working the way she did. Sometimes her brother wondered if she was ever going to take a day for herself. Realize that pushing herself was never a good thing to do.

But she wouldn’t. Because she knew if she stopped her mind would wander to a place that she didn’t want to think about.

And so she put her pencil on the blueprint and began sketching, the sounds of people drowned out by the calm of the water that she was sitting by.

She hoped that no one would come up to her, because being invisible in this moment would be her saving grace.

And as much as she wanted to find her reason to live, she knew that wouldn’t come as long as she lived in her past.

And that’s what scared her to most.
Hedy Turing
 Posted on: Jun 17 2018, 11:47 PM
lean these pictures up against the wall
Posts: 7
District Three
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    The flickering light of the outside lamp verged on driving H.J. completely mad. However, she remained completely still her bed as the light went dark, then lit back up. Sometimes in quick successions, but usually tended to a more pulse-like effect. It never did quite catch the slow, rhythmic beating thump of her heart. If it had, then she might have been able to finally get herself to sleep. Unlikely, but it had been a fleeting thought so many hours ago she had thought it.

    H.J. watched as the sun crept over the horizon and began to paint the morning sky with bright, warm pastels. She shifted under the thinner top blanket as the flickering light outside her window switched off with an audible zap. She lifted her weary body up from the bed and tousled her short-cropped hair as if the motion would help her groggy mind to become more alert. She shuffled to her bedroom door and gently eased the door open as she knew her family would hear. She didn't want to socialize. No, she wanted to use the restroom in her own isolation away from her family members.

    H.J.'s morning came and went. The shower time had been relatively typical and she hated typical. She spent most of the time adjust and readjusting the knobs to find that perfect equilibrium between the hot and cold. She had been explicitly instructed not to tinker with any of the piping and that someone qualified could do the work. H.J. knew that anyone could be specialized in pipes. She obliged, though quite begrudgingly. Breakfast had been served, not that either of her parents were noteworthy cooks or chefs. Typical grain and oat porridge with a bit of honey for a sweet flavor. H.J. ate it by the spoonfuls, but let her protests be known by the groans between each bites.

    She left her home without actually stating her destination because she never really had one when she ventured out within district three. Her hands tended to the little device that had multiple sides to it. Each side had a different puzzle to them. A small set of gears that twisted to interlock and unlock dependent how you did them. A small-joystick device that's rotation could be adjusted to be more resistant or not. She had built it to idle her hands from getting the itch. An itch she couldn't truly contain, but enough in a way that she could actively be outside of her home without being chastised for the figurative stickiness of her fingers.

    Feet kept a steady pace as she crossed from paved roads to grassy terrain. She ended up in one of the few parks housed within the district. For her, they seemed put in place to allow a change of scenery, but she tended to get lost in the canopy of the trees as her eyes attempted to chase the breeze within them. She had a spot. It had been nestled nicely near the center which eliminated much outsider interaction and interference. Her breeze chasing could be completely unadulterated within the confines of her spot. She trudged through. Her pace quickened by her new intent for her final destination.

    As she neared her spot, her eyes caught sight of a figure. Female from the head full of brown locks and nose deep in a book of some sort. She watched as the girl's hand seemed to use a writing utensil in a way that made it look like she had been using it to dance across the page. "Enjoying my spot," she called out after breaching about the thirty feet mark between them. She pocketed her device and clasped her hands behind her back with her eyes set on the girl. A coy smile crossed her lips as she closed the gap between them.

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