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 D5 REAPING, 122nd Hunger Games
 Posted on: Nov 23 2017, 10:38 AM
Seize the Day
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Nothing was special in district five, and the crowds had gathered for the announcement of their tributes for the 122nd Hunger Games! The potential candidates were all lined up and waiting with bated breaths to see who was to be announced their district's tributes.

We are so very proud to announce that the tributes for the 122nd Hunger Games are:


May the odds be ever in your favour...
Amethyst Everforest
 Posted on: Nov 24 2017, 10:49 AM
the thunder rolls
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It was the day every child feared. She woke up from a good dream, only to be in a nightmare. Every year she stood at the justice building in line, and awaited her fate. So far she had been lucky enough to not be called. She was getting older, and there was a possibility that she would never be called. One could only hope that is. She was sure every child felt that way like she did. She didn’t want to go off into a war with other kids. She had gotten dressed, a white dress that came down and stopped just before her knees.

She knew how to dress to impress.

She made her way from her house, and headed towards the justice building in the middle of the square of District Five. Her parents were already there. Everyone was off work on reaping days. It was like a requirement or something to be there to watch your children get called off to death and the odds of them coming back for a warm embrace were slim to none. SHe reached the line of children getting checked in at the DNA station. She watched each finger get pricked, the next one seemingly taking longer than the last. Maybe it was just her fear of adrenaline slowing time, who knew. She looked at the peacekeeper sitting at the table and without even realizing it, her finger was held out for them to poke it and take her blood.

It didn’t even hurt anymore like it did when she was younger.

She moved herself through the crowd, holding her finger to contain the small blood that wanted to force its way to the surface. If only it was like that in the games. If she was to be reaped, and the chance of being stabbed...if only she could suppress that blood like she was doing now. SHe would be fine. She could come back home, and be the Geologist she wanted to be. As she reached her place in line she looked around seeing every face she knew. When she looked to her left, about three rows back she spotted the girl she hated. She had just spent time making sure her experiment failed all because that girl ran her mouth about Ame. With something like the reaping, it all seemed so childish. What was the point, right? The girl gave a soft smile to Ame, a sign of kindness in the midst of horror. She was able to be reaped just like Ame was.

The national anthem played, signifying the beginning of the show. Her read hair was down, brushed past her shoulders as her brown eyes looked up to see D5’s escort come out to the stage and give their speech about the games and it’s purpose and importance. It was like drowning out an annoying bird call while the Capitol video played. She didn’t want to hear it again. She would be okay with never hearing it again for that matter. A buzz, as her thoughts drifted out. SHe didn’t even hear her name. She noticed everyone turned and looking to her. The buzzing, faded as she came back to where she was, hearing her name again, but for the first time. ”Amethyst Everforest!”

She was this years District Five’s female tribute. She turned once more and looked back to the girl, and Ame could see a sadness in her eye, but a relief that it wasn’t her. Ame probably would’ve felt the same way. She made her way towards the stage, turning to see her father holding her mother as she weeped. Ame had no emotion right then. She was still in shock. How was she moving like natural? She made her way onto the stage to see the people of the District. All eyes on her…..until the name of the male tribute was called next.

Firestarter: Using fire to craft grants doubled results.
- Capitol Appeal (able to receive two donations a day)
- Medic (+10 to medical supplies)
Aaleyah Winters
 Posted on: Nov 25 2017, 10:22 PM
I'm Diamond Hard
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Another year another reaping. Heartbreaking as it was, Aaleyah had to get used to what she was doing. She didn't like sending kids to their deaths, but she had to admit she loved being seen. So here she stood, on the stage once more, pulling names out of large, round bowls. It was heart wrenching to see the young ones go, especially when they are so scared. Hopefully there wouldn't be any like that this year.

She played the video the same video she played every year. As it played she looked out into the sea of children and tried to see everyone. There were ones that were so cared that she felt bad for them, then there were those that were putting on a brave face. Of course there were also those that pretended not to care at all. When the last line of video played she recomposed herself and smiled.

"Riveting isn't it?! Now let's see who will have the honor of representing their district the 122nd games! First the girls." She smiled and walked across the stage her heels clicked as she made her way over to the bowl. She pulled it out and looked down at it before calling out the name. "Amethyst Everforest!" She smiled and looked for the girl. She was older, not a super young one. As she made her way up to the stage, she appeared to be rather numb. Yah knew that happened quite a bit. She smiled sweetly at the girl and placed a comforting arm around her.

"Now for the boys." She walked over and picked up the slip for the boys and walked back to the podium. After the boys name was called she smiled again. "Here are your tributes for the 122nd hunger games!"
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