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 Fiona Lovett, Emmie // Anna Kendrick
Fiona Lovett
 Posted on: Jan 10 2018, 01:15 AM
Princess with Warrior Strength
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Also Known As: Fi, Fi-Fi (family/close friends only)
Relations: Marcus Lovett ((Father)), Juliana Lovett ((Mother)), Jonas Lovett ((Older Brother/Deceased)), Aurora Lovett ((Younger Sister))

Play-By: Anna Kendrick

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Born to be a princess

Fiona Lovett is the second of three children born to Marcus and Juliana Lovett. Marcus and Juliana are both very successful jewelers. Lovett Jewelry is a well known name in the Capitol and throughout District One. Marcus followed in his father's footsteps as a Goldsmith and Juliana only made his business all the better with her unique and classy designs. The two were a perfect match, in both their work lives and in their personal lives. It would be hard to find two people more in love than Juliana and Marcus. When they finally decided it was time to start a family they passed just as much love onto their darling babies. The three Lovett children were spoiled with expensive toys, clothing, and anything else their little hearts desired. The difference between them and other spoiled children with rich parents was that their parents spoiled them with love just as much as material things. The little Prince and the two little princesses had the best life they could ever imagine.

Best Friends Forever

The Lovett children were all born close together. Jonas, Fiona, and Aurora were each born one year apart from the other. Many thought Marcus and Juliana were a little bit crazy having them so close together, but the two of them knew that they didn't have a ton of time to be having kids once they finally got around to starting their family. In the end it worked out well too because the three little ones all became the best of friends. They always wanted to play together, fighting was actually quite rare, though there was still those occasional sibling fights, and they overall just got along really well. As Jonas grew older he became the protector of his two sisters, though Fiona rarely needed him. It was Aurora who was the softer, gentler soul of the three of them and so she needed that extra support. She got it from both her older siblings. Fiona was the one who was always suggesting that they do something that could quite possibly lead to them getting into trouble. Danger was exciting. Danger was fun. What was the point in living if you didn't take a little risk now and again?

Her Own Way

As they grew older, into their teenage years, they began taking more separate paths. They didn't want to be together all the time. They started hanging more with their own separate friend groups. They developed their own interests. Jonas enjoyed learning the metal work his father did. Aurora took an interest in doing hair and makeup. Fiona took an interest in the careers in training when she was twelve and soon she joined them in their training. She didn't tell her family at first, but eventually she had to and her parents were surprisingly quite supportive.

Their little princess had a big goal in mind and they had no doubt in their minds that she could make them proud. If this was what she wanted to do then they would support her every step of the way. Aurora was quiet on the whole subject. Jonas was very vocal about how much he hated the idea of Fiona being a career. It wasn't that he didn't think she could do it. It was that he couldn't bare the idea of his sister, his best friend, being murdered. It put a bit of a rift in their relationship for the next couple of years, but it didn't stop Fiona from training as hard as she could. She put in a lot of time and effort into being the best she could be. The best of the best.

A Golden Locket

Jonas became very ill shortly after his eighteenth birthday. It started out like the typical flu, but instead of going away it just seemed to get worse and worse. Even living in District One and having rich parents, giving him access to better medical care then most outside the Capitol, wasn't enough to help him. Whatever was killing him was not going away with even the most intense and aggressive treatments. He spent many months in the hospital and eventually was released to go home for what time that he had left.

Fiona actually avoided home at first, spending more time in the training center to blow off steam. Being at home was too hard to deal with. Jonas was so unwell and the whole feel of the house was depressing. She couldn't handle it. Facing him was even harder so she didn't, until the night her world both fell apart and came together.

She had come into the house as quietly as possible after leaving the training center very late. Everyone was sleeping, or so she assumed, and she didn't want to wake anyone. As she was moving down the upstairs hallway to her bedroom she heard Jonas coughing and then say something she couldn't understand. She moved closer to his bedroom, worried he might need something.

"Fi-Fi? Is that you?" Jonas asked weakly. He had heard her moving in the hallway and it had to be her. Everyone else had gone to bed and Fiona still hadn't been home. Her room was the only one past his as well.

"Yeah..I am sorry if I woke you." Fiona apologized, moving into his doorway, pushing his door open more. He was laying in his bed. So pale, so thin, he looked so different, familiar.

"You didn't. I was waiting for you." Jonas said, his voice raspy and it was clear that it was actually taking quite a bit of effort to even speak to her. Yet, he pushed himself to sit up slightly. "Fi, come sit with me...please..." he asked.

The way he looked at her...full of desperation. She couldn't say no to him. She couldn't say she was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed and she'd get mom or dad for him. Plus, he had been waiting for her. It was her he wanted. She gave a nod and came in, sitting down on the edge of his bed.

Jonas reached for a trinket box on his stand. "I made you something. I made Rory one too, but I already gave it to her." he said quietly, his hands shaking as he fumbled with the little flap that held the box shut. Eventually he got it and pulled out a locket. A gorgeous gold, heart shaped locket decorated with an inscribed J, F, and A and a little sapphire gem.

"Jonas, Fiona, and Aurora." Fiona said quietly as she took it from him gently, running her finger over the inscribed letters. "And...Sapphire, my favorite. You remembered." she said, smiling up at him. "Jonas, it's beautiful." she added.

Jonas smiled a bit. "Open it." he added, coughing some into his arm. He saw that Fiona was just staring at him with concern though and shook his head, urging her with hand motions to open it. "Go on."

Fiona nodded and carefully opened the locket, staring down at the picture inside. It was one of her favorites of the three of them. It had been taken after they had all just gotten into trouble for having a war with some paints they their dad had brought home for Aurora. They had made quite the mess of their kitchen and each other and in the end they had all gotten grounded for two weeks, but it was worth it. It was such a fun day. "Jonas...I love it." she whispered. "Thank you..." she added, looking up to him as she hugged the locket to her chest.

Jonas nodded and looked down, twisting the corner of his blanket around his fingers a bit. "Fi...I'm sorry." he said quietly after a moment, looking up at her sadly.

"What? Sorry for what?" Fiona asked with a frown, confused as to what there was to apologize for. It was she who should be apologizing to him for things.

"For trying to hold you back." Jonas said, holding a hand up before she could protest or anything, which she had started to do. "I was being selfish. The thought of losing you was terrifying...but I know that you would do so great in the Games. That you would bring so much pride to you, our family, and to district one. If anyone can do it, Fi-Fi, it's you. Life is so short as it is and so unpredictable....don't let someone like me hold you back from doing as you desire."

Fiona nodded and looked down. She was quiet for what felt like forever, but it probably wasn't nearly as long. "I'm terrified of losing you." she mumbled, looking up at Jonas with tears in her eyes.

Jonas frowned and held his arm out to her for a hug. Fiona crawled over closer and curled up beside him as he wrapped his arm around her as tight as he could manage. "I know. It's okay. I'll be okay and you will be okay." he said quietly.

Fiona closed her eyes as the tears started down her face more. "It's not fair, Jonas! You are so young! You're such a good person!" she cried. It was time for everything she had been holding back for months now to come pouring out and it did. She spent what felt like days, but was probably no more than an hour sobbing into Jonas' side.

Jonas did his best to comfort her, but there wasn't much he really could do. Eventually he could tell she was starting to settle though. "I'm tired, Fi. So are you...just...stay with me tonight." he said quietly. The way they had slept with each other when they were younger whenever they had nightmares or there was a storm that kept them up.

Fiona had agreed and went to sleep. Jonas went to sleep as well, but he didn't wake up the next morning when Fiona did. Even as she frantically shook him and called his name. Marcus had to pull her off him and out of the room to get her to finally settle down. She spent the day locked in her room, crying. The next several days were spent going as hard as humanly possible in the training center. Then...a sort of numbness washed over her. One that very slowly went away in the next couple months in the lead up to the 109th Annual Hunger Games.

Medieval Times

Looking at Fiona you would never peg her as one who could fight. She was so pretty and delicate, as a princess should be. One who knew how to get people to love her and to remember her. A princess who loved any sort of attention and affection. The fire of a warrior burned beneath all that though. As much as she is beauty and grace, she is also bravery and strength. A girl who decides she wants something and let's absolutely nothing stand in her way.

Eighteen and ready to take her rightful place as district one's female tribute for the 109th Hunger Games, she was easily the strongest contender of the bunch. She had gotten all the trainers to like her, to love training her. She had done everything to prove herself worthy and had become their favorite in every way that mattered. So, when reaping day came she was the tribute who had the honor of volunteering. She did so with her typical beauty and charm.

Pregames went just how she hoped it would. They had a strong career pack alliance going on and they were an interesting bunch. It wasn't terribly hard to get all of them to like her. Those who didn't, it was easy enough to intimidate them...Or at least to warn them that they were making a mistake by not going along with her. The Capitol loved her in the parade and interview. She was so fun and pretty and likable. She was in her element, acting like the princess that she was in front of the cameras and like the focused, well trained warrior she was in the training center.

Even once in the arena she still felt very much in her element. A Medieval village themed arena. She quickly claimed her place as the princess and took control of her peasants. Her knight in shining armor was the district 4 male. Charming, strong, but a bit too worried about flirting and not enough about what was going on around him. Over the first few days they took down many of the lower district kids and the career pack split into two groups after getting separated by a gamemaker trap of sorts. Eventually it was down to just her and her knight. It seemed he had misjudged her since she had absolutely no problem killing him. It was like he had assumed that Fiona had some sort of feelings for him. That he had charmed her enough that she would hesitate to kill him and he could take the chance to get her. He was so wrong.

Fiona had never been good at making close relationships with people. Apart from her siblings, she would consider the others she associated with to simply be casual friends at best. Close relationships were so complicated and filled with drama and commitment that Fiona just didn't want to deal with. Fear was added to that after losing Jonas. Fear of loss. Killing in the arena had been so easy. She was a career after all. She was there to win. To be the best. To bring pride to herself and everyone back home. The four boy had been foolish to think he could get her to fall in love and not want to kill him.

A Real Princess

Becoming a Victor was like actually being crowned a princess. A real princess. One who was known and loved by so many. She loved every second of everything that occurred in the first few years of winning. The attention, the mansion that was all her own, and all the perks of being a Victor. The real challenge was becoming a mentor. That took some getting used to, but eventually she learned to love being the one who was meant to guide new tributes to victory. She has yet to actually settle down. She still prefers Parties, flings, and casual friendship instead of anything serious, despite pressure from her parents to find a husband and have kids. To carry on the family name and legacy, a legacy she created. She isn't ready for that though. Right now she is having too much fun being a princess to become a queen.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OOC Name: Emmie
Age: 23
Pronoun: She/Her
Reference: Been here

Fiona Lovett
 Posted on: Jan 10 2018, 02:23 AM
Princess with Warrior Strength
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Fiona is all done!
 Posted on: Jan 10 2018, 11:46 AM
~Love is our resistence~
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