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 Dapper Mode, Tyrunt // Cameron Dallas
Dapper Mode
 Posted on: Jul 12 2018, 12:24 PM
If fashion were easy, wouldn't everyone look great?
D12 Stylist
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Dapper Mode's sense of style and fashion has been labeled as edgy, sexy, and avant garde. Dapper Mode prefers very sexualized stylings for tributes and considers his fashion to be "skin first" because "skin is the ultimate fabric." He loves the idea of experimenting with temporary tattoos, body paint, and unconventional materials for the Parade. Dapper Mode wants to summon an aura of confidence, vigor, and virility in his models. And for the interview, he likes the idea of crafting extraordinary avant garde dresses and suits that have little glimpse of skin showing - a sample to leave the palate desiring more. His critics have called him a distasteful, vulgar, and extreme stylist with no concept of beauty other than sexuality and nudity. But his fans have called him a daring, memorable, and liberating stylist who has mastered the aesthetics of the human form. He has been hailed for making the smallest amounts of fabric seem more expensive, more haute couture, than complete full-bodied pieces. It is no surprise that Dapper Mode's popularity and demand has allowed him to recently rise to the coveted position of a Hunger Games stylist. Dapper Mode was assigned to District 12 and hopes to earn his way into styling for more desirable districts by making living art out of the poor district's pitiful tributes. He may let them show a little less skin than his usual models... if they are lucky. He will certainly have any traces of their body hair removed, their skin treated until it gives a healthy glow, and their faces and hair groomed and styled to perfection. He will not allow his tributes to look like uncultured, unkempt labor peasants.

Five Positive Traits:

Five Neutral Traits:

Five Negative Traits:

Five Likes:
+The Hunger Games
+Modelesque Tributes

Five Dislikes:
-Wool Clothing
-Uneventful/Slow Games
-Uncooperative Tributes
-Letters/Words/Numbers on Clothing

Fun Details:
-One must always refer to him as "Dapper Mode" or "The Mode" - never just "Dapper." He may ignore you or pretend like he did not hear you.
-He sometimes speaks about himself in third person.
-Dapper Mode is openly and evenly bisexual, but only has romantic feelings for men.
-Dapper Mode sometimes models for other stylists when the mood strikes him.
-Dapper Mode's father is a retired Gamemaker and his mother is a wealthy Capitol socialite.
-Dapper Mode almost always indulges in the Capitol tradition of overeating and purging so he has room to eat more food at the Capitol's grand feasts.
-Dapper Mode is very attracted to Victors and Peacekeepers.

Dapper Mode was born into an extremely wealthy family in the Capitol. He was given the most perfect life that money could buy. He had a healthy diet, advanced medicine, and an elite education. From an early age, Dapper Mode took a strong liking to the Hunger Games. In addition to the Game itself, he also loved the pageantry, parties, and celebrations associated with it. Dapper Mode knew he wanted to eat, sleep, and breathe the entire industry. He wanted not only to be a spectator, but to also be a participant.

As he aged, Dapper Mode began to take more specialized education courses. He started learning about fashion, fabric, textiles, and, most importantly, the history of the Hunger Games. It was during this phase of his life that he developed the goal of becoming a stylist for the Games. With his parents' money, he opened a small shop in the Alteration Quarter of the Capitol. He called it "The Mode" - named after himself, of course. Dapper Mode sold tradition "Capitol couture" clothing.

His shop was not very successful at first. In fact, he required multiple investments from his parents to keep it afloat. Luckily, his shop found success after he gave a few of his creations away for free to VIPs such as Victors, models, dancer, socialites, and singers. When recognizable faces began wearing his works, his popularity skyrocketed. With his name on the tongues of the elite, Dapper Mode began experimenting and pushing his own personal style. His shop transitioned from "Capitol couture" to "Dapper Mode couture." There was less fabric and much more skin on display. The change was controversial to some, but others loved it. And as his notoriety increase, so did his opportunities. More doors opened to him until finally he reached his goal. There was an open position for the tribute stylist for District 12. Although District 12 was by far the least desirable district, Dapper Mode did not turn down the opportunity. He proudly snatched the position.

Dapper Mode planned to work his way up to a desirable district, like Districts 1 and 2, to seal his fame for eternity. He is currently collecting ideas, sketching designs, and gathering material to shock the world when the District 12 tributes unveil his art. He currently resides in the Capitol Condos and his shop is closed during "Games season."

 Posted on: Jul 13 2018, 10:03 AM
you must construct additional pylons!
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Your application has been accepted! Now, it is time to complete all the CLAIMS that apply to your character. We hope that you have a great time continuing to build your character through Against The Odds!

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