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 Heartbreak, One-Shot Series
Stetson Lariat
 Posted on: Feb 7 2018, 12:18 PM
Get Back Up In The Saddle
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Stetson had been numb ever since she had been dragged away from him. Nothing would ever make this alright, nothing would ever bring him any feeling back. Unless she was able to come back to him, that is. No one could ever replace her like she seemed to hope that they would be able to. There was no one who would be able to replace his Falabella. He felt like he had lost a part of himself when she had been taken to get on that train. Even before he had told her how he felt she had been a part of him. From the time they were children they had been together more often than not. And there was no way for him to even fathom the amount of guilt he felt for not telling her sooner. It was his fault she was gone. It was his fault she had left him behind. Because she thought that he would be better off without her. Because she believed an outright lie of her own creation.

For what felt like both hours and seconds at the same time he had sat in the Justice Building just trying to will himself to move. Trying to will himself to walk out of that building and to continue life like he was supposed to. He just couldn't. He couldn't do it. Though, he had no choice. He couldn't stay here and relive her memory. No, they wouldn't even allow him to do that. They were soon coming in and forcing him out of the room. He couldn't stay here, they said. And the numbness remained as they escorted him out of the building to where his own parents and her family still waited. They must have been watching the train pull away. Maybe if he had been able to get it together then he would have been able to give her one last wave at least. But he couldn't.

Her parents looked at him when he walked towards them. Her little brother stared up at him with tear filled eyes. Oh, how he wanted to comfort them, how he wanted to tell them it would be alright. But he was just so numb. He couldn't feel anything required to comfort the family that she had asked him to care for. He was selfish.

This all broke when her little brother reached up and grabbed his hand. He should have been the one comforting the kid but it seemed to be the other way around. Stetson looked down at the kid, his eyes filled with unshed tears to match the tracks already down his cheeks. And Stetson felt numb no more. All of the emotion came flooding back. It all hit him and knocked the breath out of his body like he had been thrown from his horse. He knelt down towards the kid. ”She's going to fight to come back to us. I believe in her.” Then he offered a small but sad smile. It was all the young man could offer in the way of encouragement. The kid hugged him and he returned the gesture before standing up to face her parents. ”Anything you need, anything... Just ask.”

Then it was the parade. He would get yo see her once again, even if it was just on the screen in his living room. His parents had invited hers over to watch with them, invited them to dinner as well. It was the least that they could do. They couldn't imagine the pain that they were feeling... Stetson could.

Seeing her there in that chariot made it all the more real. They dressed her like a cow and Stetson felt like he could kill them all. He had never been an angry person. He had never been violent. Okay, that was a lie... He had gotten into his fair share of fights when others were concerned but he couldn't get over the idea that he just wanted to strangle each and every one of them with his bare hands. He wanted to watch them struggle to breathe and to see the light drain from their eyes for what they were doing to her. Never before had he had such dark thoughts but he couldn't chase them away. He couldn't shake them from his head no matter what he tried.

So, he fell silent as he watched it all happen. That was all that he could do. He couldn't do anything to help her. He couldn't even be there for her. He clenched his fists and pressed his lips together as he forced himself to watch. It was the only thing he could do. And he hated every moment of it. Every useless moment of it.
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