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 D5 Reaping, 123rd Hunger Games
 Posted on: Mar 22 2018, 06:11 PM
Seize the Day
Posts: 572
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The crowds had gathered for the announcement of their tributes for the 123rd Hunger Games! The potential candidates were all lined up and waiting with bated breaths to see who was to be announced their district's tributes.

We are so very proud to announce that the tributes for the 123rd Hunger Games are:


May the odds be ever in your favour...

Zephyr Molino
 Posted on: Mar 22 2018, 07:07 PM
D5 Male
Posts: 137
Rep: 13 pts

Ever since he could remember, all Zephyr had wanted was to be noticed. He had wanted his parents to pay him the same attention that they did to his brothers. And even though that was what he had wanted, he had never done anything particularly special to get that attention. Taking the spotlight away from his brothers would have simply been rude.

Now as he stood on that stage he realized he finally had their attention. And not only theirs but that of the entire nation.

And he wished he had never asked for any of it.

Zeph swallowed hard trying to make the lump on his throat disappear aware that it would never go away. It was not that he was shy, he had never been so, but he had gotten so used to being in the shadows that he was suddenly all too aware of the fact his shirt had a stain from breakfast, or the fact he had forgotten to brush his teeth. All of a sudden all the eyes seemed to be burning against his skin, and no matter how much he blinked none of them stopped staring.

Zeph had never wanted to disappear more than he did that very second. Even when he had woken up in the hospital in excruciating pain after being stuck by lightning, he had never wanted for all that to fade away. He stood up straighter, hoping the cameras would not capture the dirtiness of his glasses or the fact his pants were two sizes too big and barely held up by the belt passed down from Boreas.

His eyes scanned the microphone the escort was using to talk to the crowd and give them hope that District Five might finally bring home a Victor. Statistically speaking Zeph was not too certain that would be the case, but he also knew if he didn’t try then the odds would decrease exponentially. Much like the experiments he conducted with Uncle Bomb, there was no way of knowing the power something could generate without giving it a try. If he didn’t give the Hunger Games a shot then he would not know if he would be able to become a Victor.

He took off his glasses and cleaned them with the hem of his shirt, a futile attempt at impressing Capitolites who were probably no longer watching. His finger found his tongue and he attempted to rub off the stain on his shirt, as if a little bit of saliva would be the most powerful detergent. His eyes scanned the crowd again and he nodded, slowly, he turned when the escort told him and he shook his District partner’s hand. He had never met her before but they were all they had now, them, the escort and Aine Geo.

Zephyr had always wanted to be noticed, but now that he was on the spotlight he wanted nothing more than to go back and be invisible.

Antidote: create antidote to poison after successful search
Shocking: Can craft one electric trap that deals 1d60 damage to all in your area, and stuns them.
Trap Master: Can create and set one 1d30 trap a day
Aaleyah Winters
 Posted on: Mar 23 2018, 09:45 PM
I'm Diamond Hard
Posts: 62
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Aaleyah was standing on the stage, ready for another reaping, another two children to be pulled into the games away from their home and families. Yah knew that this time she would try harder to work the tributes and get them better and more donations from the capitol. She knew that it would take a miracle to bring another victor from five home. But she was willing to put in the effort and give it a good try.

As she spoke, she smiled into the crowd, her dress moving with her as she moved. "Now, we will draw the names to see who will represent your district in the 123rd hunger games! Ladies first...." She smiled and made her way to the bowl slowly before reaching in and grabbing a name from the bowl. She read the name out loud and waited for the girl to make her way to the front and onto the stage. She didn't seem like much, but perhaps she would surprise Yah.

"Welcome....And now for the boys." She made her way to the bowl and reached in as deep as she could and pulled a name out. She walked back to the mic and popped open the paper before reading the name off. "Zephyr Molino!" She watched as the rough and tough looking boy made his way to the stage. He seemed a bit bigger than some of the past five male's they've had in the past. Perhaps this was their hope. She smiled at the boy and nodded her head. "These are your tributes for the 123rd Hunger Games! How exciting! We may have hope this year of bringing home a victor!" She looked at the two tributes. "Now shake hands and let's get you ready for your wonderful journey to the capitol!"
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