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 The Art of Dying, +Carmina | Roxy
Paxton Hydrolic
 Posted on: Aug 7 2018, 10:57 AM
Don't wish death upon someone unless you plan on following through.
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Another day, it started out like any other day. He sat up in bed, looked around and stood up. Took his shower, got dressed and went downstairs to make his families breakfast. Today it was biscuits and gravy. As he let the sauce thicken, he walked towards his mothers' bedroom. He knocked on the door as he always did, he didn't hear the normal groan that he did when he woke her. He pushed the door opened. "Mama, breakfast..." But she didn't move. He tilted his head at her and walked over to her sitting on the edge of the bed. "Mom, you have to get up, I know it's hard sometimes, but you have to keep living." He reached out and touched her hand and it was cold. His eyes widened.

'Mom!?" He stood up and leaned over her, her eyes were closed but her mouth was opened and her body was rigid. Fear took over Paxton's body. He felt as though he was spiraling out of control into a dark deep hole. It was sucking him down, sucking the air from his lungs, the blood from his body and he felt like he was going to pass out.

He reached up and touched her face, his face contorted into a sad sort of look. Pulling his lips down, his eyes misting and then he screamed. He lifted her from the bed and cradled her body as he sobbed into her chest. "MINA!!!!!! ROXY!!!!" is what he screamed. He rocked her back and forth as he sobbed, whispering words into his mother's ear. "Shhh, it' okay Mommy, I'm here.." He couldn't believe it. What bothered him the most was, she died alone. She was alone in her bed whilst he was upstairs sleeping soundly. A horrific growl escaped his lips again as he rocked back and forth holding the woman who he had taken care of for several years, the woman that tried to give him the best that she could.
Carmina Torque
 Posted on: Aug 8 2018, 06:00 PM
bend me, break me, take me
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Carmina was enjoying the morning in the soft sheets and fluffy bed that she was now accustomed to in Paxton's home. She had moved from one of her own to sharing with Pax. She was in a bit of a twilight between being fully awake and fully asleep when she heard the sound of his voice booming. Her hand reached out beside her, maybe it was a dream. But, she didn't find his body there. It wasn't a dream.

She pushed herself up and wondered what in the world could make him sound like that. Carmina had thought that maybe Roxy would hanlde it. That would be good. But, there was a terror in his voice. So, she rolled from the covers and grabbed her silky robe. She had been really good at getting Paxton to spend his money on her. It made her smile as she pulled it over her shoulders. Even though her eyes were a bit droopy.

She had no idea what she was walking into when she looked in one room and down another as she attempted to find out where Paxton was. And finally she found him hugging onto his mother. She recognized the color of her skin instantly. Carmina had seen plenty of dead bodies. She wished her mother were dead, but that wasn't exactly the right sentiment for the moment. Maybe, the fact that everyone dies? Nope.

She had no idea what to say. Instead, she was frozen in the doorway just staring. Just staring.
Roxanne Hydrolic
 Posted on: Aug 8 2018, 10:31 PM
we ain't ever getting older
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It had been nearly daylight when Roxy had made her way back to the house. She had spent another night out in the bar until it closed then the rest of the evening in some man's bed just because it seemed like the fun thing to do at the time. It was something that she did pretty often, this was nothing new to Roxy. This time she had been able to sneak in without even waking anyone. She was getting better at sneaking. Even when she had had probably a few too many drinks to really be considered stealthy. By the time she made it upstairs to her own room, she collapsed onto the bed without even taking her clothes and shoes off. She just lay face down on the bed and literally passed out.

And she was lost in a deep and dark dreamless sleep. One where she could just stay forever. Where she sometimes wished that she could stay forever. Only, she didn't get to stay in that peaceful place for long this time. She had only been asleep for a couple of hours when she heard her name being screamed. For some reason, that scream broke through the barriers of her sleepy mind and she was up. Without even being fully awake, she was seeking out her brother. Her body was still a little sluggish, her head a little light, her movements a little uncoordinated from the alcohol from the night before. She did manage to kick off her heels somewhere along the way.

She clung to the banister that went down the stairs like it were a lifeline until she reached the bottom and mumbled to herself. ”Paxton, where in the hell are you?” She looked in the living room, the kitchen... Had she just imagined him calling for her in her sleep? Then she walked into the hall that led to their mother's room and noticed Carmina standing in the doorway. She frowned and stumbled into the doorway herself, probably bumping Carmina on the way. The mixture of alcohol still in her system and the fact that she had been awakened so suddenly not playing very well on her coordination.

The sight that she saw there was one that perplexed her. Roxy had been sheltered from seeing death for the most part. But Paxton was there in their mother's room, cradling their mother to his chest and crying, no sobbing. What was going on? She walked a little closer, looking to her brother and whispering to him. ”Pax?” It was a question but something about the way her mother lay motionless in Paxton's arms told her enough. She hadn't even put all of the pieces together in her foggy mind when she fell to her knees, tears rolling down her cheeks. ”Oh no.” She whispered. ”This isn't happening.” She told herself. Maybe this was just a nightmare and she was still asleep after all. She hoped that was the case.
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