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 D3 Reaping, 124th Hunger Games
 Posted on: Aug 2 2018, 06:49 PM
Seize the Day
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The crowds had gathered under an overcast sky for the announcement of their tributes for the 124th Hunger Games! The potential candidates were all lined up and waiting with bated breaths to see who was to be announced their district's tributes.

We are so very proud to announce that the tributes for the 124th Hunger Games are:


May the odds be ever in your favour...

@Lex @Alex
Hedy Turing
 Posted on: Aug 3 2018, 09:38 AM
lean these pictures up against the wall
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District Three
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user posted image


    H.J. had a knack for not paying attention. Either her mind drifted off to her next invention or just a daydream. She preferred her thoughts of inventions, but it was her mind that wandered. She felt the nudge of a large hand against her shoulder. Her head whipped back, which caused her poorly cut black hair to tousle, to the source of the unwanted touch. Her father stood over her as he gestured quietly with his head for her to look the opposite direction. She opened her mouth as if to protest the suddenness of the nudge, but the sound of Panem's anthem rang loudly through the courtyard area of the Justice Building. H.J. gasped before she rushed to her place at the far back of the now crows of girls. A few turned to look at her, but her eyes didn't pay them much mind. No, she focused to get a clear look at the stage and the escort.

    She lifted on to her toes, as she heard the voice of someone unfamiliar speak out to the District 3 children and citizens. "Who the--?" she started before the girl, who could have easily been H.J.'s age. turned and let out a whispered hush. Her lip lifted into a sneer as she scrunched her nose. She had faced some rude people before, but this girl took the cake. She rocked back on her heel as the girl eventually turned back around. H.J. counted down.


    Her hand glided easily into the other girl's fancy dress pocket. Her fingers touched a smooth metal surface. Deftly, she retrieved her hand and the little pressed coin that held the letter, C. H.J. admired her find and rolled it between her fingers.

    "Hedy Turing."

    The unknown escort called out, almost eagerly. She didn't hear it though. Mostly, for the fact that she had intentionally trained her mind to just zone when people referred to her by her birth name. A namesake she had worked diligently to wipe away from her life. Her parents hadn't been okay with her decision, but --

    "Hedy Turing, hurry along."

    She lifted her gaze as another nudge pulled her from her reverie for the token she had nabbed from the rather rude girl before her. The nudge had been from her little sister. Eyes and cheeks already wet with tears, "They called you, H.J." Her little voice cracked as a strained sob left her lips.

    "Me?" She asked as she lifted her eyes, now wide with worry to everyone. The screens showed her face. The bewilderment painted over her features, as the escort gestured for her to come.

    "Come along, dear. Hurry. Hurry." His voice sing-song as if there should have been a tune to accompany it.

    She swallowed hard, as she took her steps toward the stage. Once upon a time she had thought to wave at the chosen Tributes. She had been so young then, and each year she tried her hardest to avoid having to watch the Games. Each year, she failed miserably.

    She inched closer to the stage. This had to have been her punishment for stealing, as her parents insisted on calling it. Panic had already crept into her mind, but it crept along her nerves. She felt her free hand clench and release with each step that brought her closer to the stage. She could apologize for taking the various items when she got on stage, but would that actually help or hurt her chances?

    The peacekeepers gestured for her to take to the stage, but the steps seemed so much longer than they actually were. Only five of them to be exact.

    First step, the sting of tears burned the corners of her eyes, but nothing fell.
    Second step, the deep, controlled breaths passed in through her nose and out through her mouth.
    Third step, the clenched fist that still held onto that rude girl's coin.
    Fourth step, she missed entirely.

    Her foot betrayed her as it slipped on the very last step. She felt her body fall forward as her arms flew out. Gasps echoed through the crowd.

    "That last step must be a doozy." The escort's voice broke the silence almost immediately.

    She should have hit the stage floor, but she left a firm grip snatch her left arm up. A peacemaker stationed on the stage had closed the gap fast enough to catch her up. He pulled her up easily, his grip tight enough that she swore she'd have a bruise the next day... or even later that evening.

    H.J. found her footing and yanked her arm away from the peacemaker that had already released her. She found her spot on the stage, her face upturned into a scowl with red tinged cheeks.

Twenty Six
 Posted on: Aug 6 2018, 12:26 PM
Test Subject
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District Three
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The men-in-white always came into the room at 6:30 AM to escort him to the shower he shared with all the others that lived in the complex. Twenty-Six was always ready, waiting by the door with a towel in hand, he was a creature of habit so he waited by the door for what seemed like an eternity. No one came though. Confused, he moved back to the small bed and sat down crossed legged, his eyes staring ahead at the door waiting for someone to come and get him.

Two hours passed before the doors opened, the men-in-white were not alone this time, though. With them was a man dressed on a lab-coat with a suit underneath. Twenty-Six had seen him before with the care-takers, watching him and the others from a distance, always speaking into a small machine that he had been told was used for recording his words. The two of them, however, had never met.

The man stepped in first and cleared his throat, at both of his sides the men-in-white flanked him as if they were waiting for Twenty-Six to attack or something. He had no intentions on doing that, instead he tilted his head to the side and stood up towel in hand.
"My dear boy, hello, I don't believe we have met,"
"We have not," he said matter-of-factly, the man smiled lightly and nodded as if Twenty-Six had said a funny joke instead of agreeing with his statement.
"I have some great news for you, subject 26, today we will be leaving this place and going to a new one. You will finally get to see outside, would you like that?" he said with the same devilish smile as before. Twenty-Six took a few minutes to consider it, the caretakers were always talking about all the beautiful things that happened outside, they sometimes brought in flowers which were pops of color in the otherwise pristine, white environment. They were beautiful, and Twenty-Six had always wanted to see more, but now that this man was offering he was unsure if he wanted to. "You have been selected from everyone here, to participate in a test, much like the ones you have participated in throughout your life. The stakes, however, have been raised. In one hand if you win you will get to be free, do whatever you want with your life, if you lose, however, you will be dead." the man continued, Twenty-Six tilted his head knowing he had not answered but quickly realizing that it didn't matter whether he wanted to partake on the test or not. He was intelligent enough to understand it.

The showers were empty, for the first time since he could remember he was alone in there. The men-in-white were still watching, except this time so was the man in the lab coat. He didn't mind though, nudity was not something he understood should be shameful, he was always naked around the other subjects, and when he was getting blood or physical tests done. He had never been conditioned to be ashamed of his body.

After he was done showering, he was given a nice button up white shirt, along with some white dress pants and a pair of white shoes with a belt. He had always worn white before, but the clothes he was being given were far more fitting and uncomfortable. The shoes were not something he was used to either, normally he went around barefoot or with sandals. But the man in the lab-coat had explained he had to dress nicer today, it was part of the test.

He followed him and other men-in-white into a small crowded room which started moving. He felt his eyes widen, the man in the lab coat laughed and told him it was an elevator, it would take them outside. But it didn't, it took them to another white hallway. He followed along without complaint until he saw a crystal door and right outside was a road, a big green flower, and an extension of blue that seemed to never end. The sky. It was beautiful. He came to a stop, mouth agape, but he was pushed from behind and he kept moving. His first step outside was simply extraordinary, the light from the sun felt so different than the one from inside, and the air was so fresh, and... it smelled good? He was not sure what that meant.

As he walked alongside his entourage he saw others like him, dressed in bright clothes walking hand in hand with men and women. They all looked worried, some held hands, the younger ones ran and laughed. Finally, they reached a big extension of flat where all the others were congregating, he could see the people closer to his age all behind some ropes chatting nervously with one another. They stepped in front of another man in white who held a small needle, he poked his finger and forced him to press it against a paper, Twenty-Six did not react, used to getting blood drawn and being poked and proded. "When they call your name, go up there," the man in the lab coat said and then that was it, the two men-in-white escorted him to where other boys his age were. The other boys looked at him and whispered but Twenty-Six ignored them, the man in the lab-coat had not said anything about them, and he was sure if he tried to speak with other subjects out of turn he would be told off.

Everyone went quiet when a strangely, colorful person appeared on stage, she welcomed them to what she called "The 124th Hunger Games" and then a video started playing. A video that gave him answers about what was happening: twelve Districrs, the Capitol, twenty-three tributes, a contest of life and death, a Victor, glory, fame and fortune. It all made little sense to him, but he was smart enough to figure out this was the test the man on the lab-coat had told him he had been selected for.

The ambiance around him changed, the colorful person at the front approached a big bowl and picked a name out of the bowl. It was not his, so he didn't move. He watched as a small girl with black hair made her way up the stage, she was a subject like him, except she was uncoordinated and tripped going up the stairs. Some of the boys around him laughed but he didn't, there was no need. The subject had red cheeks, a clear sign of embarrassment. Twenty-Six would have been embarrassed too if he was her.

"Lewat Waktu," the colorful person said. That was not his name, so he did not move. There were a few seconds as people looked around, the boys around him whispering. Suddenly the men-in-white were grabbing him by the arms and dragging him towards the stage. He looked around bewildered and confused, the man on the lab-coat had said his name would be called out and he would move, but why was he being dragged now? The men in white stopped by the stairs and he nodded, confused he made his way to the stage. "My name is Twenty-Six," he said into the microphone still confused.

But he knew deep inside the test had already begun.
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