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 Yasmine Marcos, Felix // Zoe Saldana
Yasmine Marcos
 Posted on: Jan 10 2018, 01:29 PM
"I used to collect human ears as a child."
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Growing up evil

Yasmine was a spunky child. Growing up wasn’t easier for those around her, she was full of piss and vinegar and wasn’t afraid to show it. Several times she pinned little brother to the ground, pulling his finger back until he either yelled out my sister is the prettiest girl alive or until she heard a bone crack. It was the first time the bone snapped in her brother's little finger, which really got her curious juices flowing. What would it be like to perhaps snap the neck of a small rodent? But rodents soon weren’t enough; she moved up to bigger animals and even resorted to tying pieces of hair to the back of flies legs and watch them struggle.

Of course, she would never admit to the brutality, so when the bodies of cats started popping, and her parents questioned her about it, she blamed her eldest brother. They believed her of course, what type of little girl tortured poor animals. Who, do you ask? Yasmine Marcos , that’s whom.

As years passed, her little brother learned to avoid her, and even though he was bigger than she was, she still had her ways to break her brother. She used a small firecracker once, she shoved it down his pants after he told her to get bent. Her eldest brother moved out as soon as he had the chance, he was tired of being blamed for the crap that his ‘innocent’ little sister did. The truth came forth though after her little brother mustered enough courage, he told his parents what his sister had been doing. Both brothers couldn’t have been making up stories, could they?

So one day, when the now, fifteen-year-old girl was least expecting it, they shipped her off to the academy. Peacekeeper academy was exactly what Yasmine needed. She would never make a good tribute, she was too hard to control but the academy had its ways to make them comply. It was never a question of whether or not they could keep her in line. Yasmine wasn’t afraid of the older or ‘tougher’ students in the academy. She stood up among them and made a name for herself early on. It wasn’t until after her assignment at the ripe ol’ age of eighteen that she realized she wasn’t viewed as highly as the others were. She was sent to six, the trash district. The one where she would be dealing with drug dealers strung out whores and mechanics for the capitol. She nearly punched the guy giving out the assignments but she went nonetheless.

Life After Academy

District Six, the place smelled like death, sunken eyes stared at her as she walked down the blood riddled streets. Perhaps she should have felt something for the poor people in the district, or at least something other than disgust. She had been in the place for less than twenty-four hours and she already wanted to light the place on fire and watch it burn. It was disgusting, the people in it chose to be zombies rather than live any sort of life, and those that dealt the drugs, well they were just as bad. Sucking the money that they had from them and using to buy more drugs.

It wasn’t until she was stationed in one of the factories that she noticed that they could useful. A horrible idea crept into her mind and a smirk tugged at her lips. She started watching closer, watching who was good at what they did and how fast they could fix an error. She would start with the best of the best and demand they tell her everything they know. If a little blood happened, which it on occasion did, then it happened. She didn’t care if she hurt the miscreants in this hell hole of a district.

After the information was taken, sometimes by force, she started building. She put her mind to it and started using her knowledge from her childhood years of fireworks and her newfound knowledge of moving parts; she was going to construct something dangerous and explosive and then test it on an unsuspecting subject.

Days, months, and soon years, flew by as she expanded her knowledge. It wasn’t until she heard from the academy again that she even remember she hated six. They wanted her to come back, to train in their engineering program. She jumped at the change, it was a given and the course lasted almost two years, it was in-depth and highly specialized, it was why Yasmine liked it so much. Graduation was spectacular, she was near the top of her class. They offered her any district to go, but Yasmine had started something and chose to finish it. She went back to six, at least for now. It had been her home for years and she still had the itch to set off her project.

 Posted on: Jan 14 2018, 11:47 AM
~Love is our resistence~
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Your application has been accepted! Now, it is time to complete all the CLAIMS that apply to your character. We hope that you have a great time continuing to build your character through Against The Odds!

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