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 What Doesn't Belong?, Attn. Kacie
Evander Sinn
 Posted on: Aug 8 2018, 02:57 PM
"We're all drawn to what is beautiful and broken"
106th HG Victor
Posts: 74
Rep: 1 pts

Evander had trouble sleeping the night after Gideon had taken him around to see the district. His mind was swirling with so many thoughts and emotions and he wasn't really sure what to make of any of them. He had always been a rarity in two, to be both a victor and to dislike the games. He didn't quite hate them the way that others did. He was more pissed that he had allowed himself to get sucked into thinking that it was the only way to get his parents to be proud of him and because they had taken his best friend from him. He hated that it had taken his childhood and teenage years away from him. His reasons were more selfish than anything. He never really felt animosity toward the Capitol. Not until now.

At home he was wealthy like Gideon, but the people around him still live good lives. They weren't starving. They were living in homes that didn't look like they could be blown down with the lightest gust of wind. They didn't have the depressing looks that the people covered in filth did as they walked from the mines toward their homes after a long day of dangerous work that would hardly feed their family for a day. The whole place just seemed so grim.

It was bothering him. How could the Capitol let people live like this? He had been to the Capitol so many times in his life and he knew that they had more than enough wealth to be able to give these people a better life than this, but they didn't care about these people. It made him wonder how bad the other districts were. He had only seen them briefly during the victory tour and when watching reapings back, but he never really ventured deep into them to see just how bad it was.

He was still awake in the early morning hours, though Gideon was still fast asleep beside him. He didn't want to wake him and so he just carefully climbed out of bed and got dressed, in clothing that would definitely make him stick out, but he didn't have anything that would make himself not. He had packed what he would usually wear at home or in the Capitol. It would have to do though.

Evander ventured outside the house and into the district, wrapping his coat a bit tighter around himself in the brisk early winter air. There was a coating of snow on the ground that hadn't been there when they had gone to bed the night before and it was still lightly snowing. It added a whole new element to the district he noted as he wandered around, just taking everything in.
Laurel Flint
 Posted on: Aug 10 2018, 02:09 PM
Posts: 10
District Twelve
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Winter had fallen in District Twelve, and with the winter months came the freezing temperatures and snow that blanketed everything. In the early morning such as this, the snow that had fallen overnight was still a white blanket over the walkways of the district. As the morning went on, it would turn into a mess of gray slush from the boots of the miners that walked along the paths to and from the mines. It was this time before it became all mucked up that Laurel always enjoyed, though. When she looked over the pristine white snow she could almost forget that she was in a place like District Twelve. She could almost imagine that she was in one of the upper districts where things weren't so hard and people could live their lives without worrying so much about death looming around the corner in the form of starvation, or mining accidents, or being reaped.

Then she realized how cold it was, and the fact that her threadbare clothing didn't do much to protect her from the freezing wind that seemed to go straight through the fabric and she was reminded. She had a decent coat, thanks to the boy in the marketplace who had helped her so many months ago, but the rest of her clothing left a lot to be desired. Such was the way for an orphan in District Twelve. She wasn't the only one up so early, the signs of this were all around her despite the streets seeming empty. The hob would be open already, people waiting for others to come in and buy whatever they had to sell. That was where Laurel was headed. She didn't have much to trade, but she had been able to save up a coin or two through doing some small jobs.

Those coins sat heavily in her pocket as she moved down the street. She wasn't really worried about running into anyone at this hour. Though, it seemed that maybe she should have been. When she turned a corner, she did just that. Running into a man who felt more like running into a brick wall than a person. Luckily, she kept her balance. She blinked as she took in the person. He was not from District Twelve. Though, he did look familiar. Where did she know him from? Then it dawned on her, he was a victor. But not from Twelve... He was from one of the career districts! She backed away from him, wary as to why someone like him would be walking the streets of Twelve. ”I'm s-s-sorry, sir.” She stuttered out her apology. She had seen how vicious careers could be and she was just a little stick thin girl from Twelve. She didn't want to upset him.
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