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 D5 Reaping, 124th Hunger Games
 Posted on: Aug 2 2018, 06:53 PM
Seize the Day
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The crowds had gathered under an overcast sky for the announcement of their tributes for the 124th Hunger Games! The potential candidates were all lined up and waiting with bated breaths to see who was to be announced their district's tributes.

We are so very proud to announce that the tributes for the 124th Hunger Games are:


May the odds be ever in your favour...

Aaleyah Winters
 Posted on: Aug 6 2018, 01:42 PM
I'm Diamond Hard
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Aaleyah wasn't sure she would be able to handle another year, another failure. She was still reeling about what had happened last year with the boy, Zephyr. She had really liked him, he was kind and he had deserved to win. Instead, he was cut down the fucking careers. At least he had done some major damage before he went, but she knew that it wasn't going to be an easy year. She was still dealing with a lot. Her heart was broken, her faith was shaken and she had no one to blame but herself. That's what she thought anyway. Things weren't looking good for the escort of five. But here she was, standing on the stage, ready to start another year of the games.

"WELCOME MY FRIENDS! To another great year! Today we determine who will represent your proud district in the 124th hunger games!!! But first....a word." She turned to the screen as she always did while the same old video played. Once it was over she put her face ass smile back on her face. "WONDERFUL! Now, we find out which girl will have the honor of representing your district." She nearly choked when she said honor. It wasn't an honor it was a nightmare. She walked over to the bowl and tried to hide the fact that her hands were shaking. She reached in deep and pulled a piece a of paper from the bowl before walking back to the mic.

"Your first tribute is....." She smiled and watched, waiting for the female to joint her on stage. "Now, for the boys." She walked over to the bowl and pulled another name from it. She walked back over to the mic and took in a deep breath. "Completing your tribute team is...Tesla Wattson!" She looked over to the boys waiting for him to come forward. "Come now, don't be shy..."
Tesla Wattson
 Posted on: Aug 6 2018, 10:05 PM
made of gasoline
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District Five
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That morning the dark-haired man had woken up from an odd dream. It had left a song in his head that carried him down to breakfast. When he had arrived his father had seemed more edge than usual, so he had guessed that it had been reaping day. Telsa hadn't wanted to get to worked up about it. But, the nerves had tingled his skin. Instead of bothering his father the dark haired teen had opted for counting cracks on the table as he had eaten his food. The walk to the square had been quiet. Telsa hadn't wanted to think about what had been happening.

As far as he had been concerned he had just needed to distract himself until it had been over. To keep up with that plan he had tried to remember the song from his dream. But, the crowd had proved to be too loud for that much thinking. So, his eyes had watched the stage filled with officials. For a few moments he had tried to count the people of ahead of him, but he had lost track. Lost in his own mind he hadn't paid much attention to the video. He didn't see the point really since they had played it every year.

Through the choosing the girl tribute he had hummed to himself. Therefore, he hadn't really paid much attention to who the girl had been. Soon to his confusion, some peacekeeper had grabbed him and had dragged him toward the stage. He had been picked somehow and he had been left speechless. Upon being dropped off the teen had counted the steps as he had climbed them.

When he had reached his side of the microphone his eyes had scanned the sea of people. His father had looked mortified at the news. Frankly, Tesla hadn't been sure how he was going to do. But, he had hoped he could make it home to his father. He hadn't wanted to leave to his father all alone.
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