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 The Panel, 124th Hunger Games
Bishop Caballero
 Posted on: Jul 4 2018, 09:00 PM
Posts: 48
District One
Rep: 2 pts

The selection of tributes in District One was very different than the others, the Careers were picked by favoritism, there was a panel made from past Victors, influential people in the District and the top trainers who would decide who they thought should represent them that year. The tribute-hopefuls had one final chance to stand in front of the panel to give one final plea, or show-off whatever it was they wanted before the panel. The sessions were short, as the selection usually took a long time. Especially because most of the time the panel did not agree entirely on who should be selected. By the end of the panel one Career of each gender would be selected to be the representative for the 124th Hunger Games. There were no back-ups, their tributes were expected perfection.

Bishop was part of the panel, though his voice and vote was not as important as some of the senior trainers, or the Victors. Not yet, soon enough he would receive seniority and he would be set for life. But he had more say than the mayor, for example.

As the panel got ready, he stayed behind greeting the tribute-hopefuls at the door and wishing them luck. Going over last-minute questions they had. He was all smiles and positive energy, mostly because he knew that day a lot of dreams would be thrown down the drain. And after Antiope Damu-Almasi's stunt two years ago, the panel had decided it was important to keep an eye on those who were rejected. Apparently positive reinforcement would have avoided the entire situation, so now the trainers were expected to do something about it. Bishop found it ridiculous, but he didn't have much a say any longer.

”Welcome! Good luck, you are going to do great!” he said to one Career knowing fully well she wouldn't, he felt fake but he had a job to do. And he knew he was being watched, it was important to do what was expected of him if he wanted that seniority. ”We will be starting soon, don't worry, we will call you when it's your turn,” he said with another smile and a pat on the shoulder.
Reverie Splendor
 Posted on: Jul 5 2018, 06:59 PM
we will always prevail
Posts: 161
Rep: 3 pts

The Panel was one of Reverie's favorite events of the year. The other parts were over course the Reaping and the Games. Anytime he was looked at on a stage and treated like the celebrity he was. He also enjoyed the Capitol where the people still loved him. And the Panel meeting was the first reminder that it was right around the corner.

It was a long table at the head of the room. They were at eye level to stare the tributes down and ask questions. Reverie hoped that it was more intimidating than what the GameMaker Session would be. The tributes needed to get all that out of their system. The center two chairs were for Reverie and Fiona. Going out to the left were the people from the District, the mayor and Mr. Goldsmith, this year. The right would be the trainers who were invited to sit from seniority out.

Reverie brought his files with him. He was organized. He had notes scribbled since he had taken notice of them. More and more stacked up as they were closer to eighteen. And the final notes would be their performance in front of the panel this day. They would have one final chance to impress them. One chance to answer questions and quash any uncertainties. He waited for the others to get seated before he spoke.

"The girls first. We have Leta Utopium, Lux Mercier, Thesia Worth, and Winna Prideson." There weren't in any sort of order, not in a way that would reveal who he would like to vote for. But, they all had their chance to make that last impression. It was hard to change Rev's mind, however.
Fiona Lovett
 Posted on: Jul 8 2018, 08:40 PM
Princess with Warrior Strength
Posts: 60
Rep: 2 pts

Fiona was growing more and more bored of the formalities that came along with choosing the tributes for each games. She much more enjoyed the task of getting to know them once they had managed to catch her attention in the training center. It was enjoyable to hangout with the girls. Eat, shop, and go to get their nails done. Fun little things. It was interesting to get to know the boys in the training center, though really she left the choice of them more up to Reverie. The training center in general was more left to the boys. Fiona was over it.

This though. This she could do without. It hadn't worked in so long, what made them think it was such a good idea to continue it? At least her and Reverie had their little agreement and she was able to do the scouting more in her own way.

She didn't come with files like Reverie did, only with her thoughts and memories. She wasn't going to waste time and write it all down when half the information wasn't even important to her to begin with. Reverie had that covered and he never complained about doing it himself, so she would just let him keep his records and surely he would be able to cover anything she somehow missed or forgot.

This year would be simple enough for the girls at least. There had only been one girl that had stood out to her enough to gain that special attention this time around. The others she couldn't care less about. "Let's get on with this then." she said, sitting down in her chair and crossing her legs.
Lux Mercier
 Posted on: Jul 9 2018, 05:11 PM
This is my fight song, take back my life song
Gymnast / Career
Posts: 33
District One
Rep: 0 pts

Lux was more nervous than she’d expected to be when the day actually came to stand in front of the panel. It amused her that the majority probably would have said the opposite. Why was she so nervous if her preference was a career in gymnastics — a long, illustrious career? If going into the arena was of less value to her, then why was she so anxious to see the panel and prove her worth to them, and why was she nervous that they might not see her potential? She tried not to reason it through too much because it would likely only make her all the more nervous.

She would not cower in front of the challenge that presented itself, however. That had never been Lux’s way. She would go bravely forth and face it. This panel was not going to be any different from any other test she’d had before — and she always prepared well for tests. She had prepared well for this one. That’s what she tried to tell herself while she drank some orange juice and choked down a piece of toast with marmalade because her mother insisted she couldn’t face the panel on an empty stomach. Her mother did her hair in a fishtail braid down the back of her head and intertwined it with a sky blue ribbon. She wore tight, black jeans — compliments of Fiona’s challenge to start training in restrictive and non-restrictive clothing; she wanted to show her she’d listened. She wore a loose blouse to fulfill the other part of Fiona’s challenge. It had a v-neck and long, loose sleeves and the sleeves fell just at the edge of her shoulder to reveal graceful collar bones and was a silvery blue color.

She insisted on biking to the selection rather than being dropped off. She needed time to clear her head. Whatever the results might turn out, she was going to accept them calmly and rationally. Since there was no particularly bad outcome either way for her, she wondered why it was she was so nervous! Focus, Lux. she instructed herself firmly as she walked inside the building. Each candidate had been provided a little dressing room area for warming up. Lux used her time backstage to stretch properly so she could go through a routine onstage. Today, she’d be showing the panel some of the things she’d worked with Bishop on. And, if things went as planned, she’d probably use a similar routine at the Judges’ panel.

The panel was made up of two parts — the talent the tribute chose to show case came first and then the panel had a chance to question them. All talents went first, then interviews came second. It was actually the interview part she was looking forward to less. As she was waiting for her name to be called, she realized this was almost like reaping day for real for District One. How strange…

When her name was called, she walked onstage. She could feel her heart in her ears but ignored it. Her eyes locked on two smiling faces — Fiona and Bishop. And also Amber’s father, the mayor. She hoped her friend’s father thought her a capable candidate. She knew Amber, a year younger, thought she was a shoe-in, but best friends were supposed to say that kind of thing weren’t they? And of course, not every face was friendly. Reverie hadn’t said anything and his expression gave away nothing. She refused to be frightened of him. What was more, she still didn’t particularly trust him, but she supposed that could be dealt with if she were to be chosen. For now, she was just focusing on making Fi and Bishop proud. They’d invested a lot of time into her in the last months.

She was the last of the girls to go and watching the others both impressed her and made her nervous, but now it was her turn. A couple of deep breaths and she wrapped her fingers around the hilt of the small but deadly sword Bishop had been teaching her to tumble with. She was familiar with it now and knew she wouldn’t make foolish mistakes the way she’d done when she first began training. Additionally, she wore brass knuckles which could be used for defense as well as offense if she were able to punch and slice at the same time. It was a deadly combination.

Two dummies had been set up at her request, along with a two tumbling mats criss-crossed in an x-shape — one dummy at each bottom corner. For the first exercise she would show, she laid her sword at the end of the X, where she could grab it easily and then stepped back to her starting position. She gave the judges a serious nod, but knew she wasn’t allowed to speak yet. That would only come during the time for questions. She ran hard for a short length and leapt, going into a cartwheel and then down into a ridiculously fast set of tumbles at ground level until she reached the dummy and very suddenly spun around into a crouch, smacking her leg into the ankle of the dummy, which sent it backward. She was on it before it could fall, brass knuckles extended as she raked down the dummy’s chest hard and fast — what would have dealt quite serious damage to a person.

She was back up a second later, this time sword in hand as she ran to the other side of the X and started down that side toward the opposite corner of the judging table’s view. This time she did three forward tucks, small sword in hand. It amused her to remember the day a sword not so unlike this one had made her bust her chest on the ground. Not after nine months of hard work with Bishop. She landed the tucks perfectly, nearly toe to toe with the dummy and sliced precisely into where a human’s jugular would be with the sword.

She was breathing a little fast, but more from excitement than anything else as she laid the sword down and stood center stage for a moment and gave the judges a small bow before exiting. She was out of the hot seat. For now. She couldn’t imagine what they might have to ask her when she came back.

Calligraphy was first up for the boys and was waiting in the wings while someone cleaned up from Lux’s display. She shot him a quick grin. “Good luck.” She said softly. She’d come to really like Calligraphy after their survival simulation, even if it had gotten off to a bit of a rocky start — literally and metaphorically. She hoped if she was chosen that he would be too. She knew him better than some of the others. She respected him and she knew they could work together and that they brought an unusual set of talents to the table. “Do great.” She told him, giving him a gentle play-bossy shove and a happy smile.

She took a bottle of water and cracked the seal taking a couple of drinks as she watched Calligraphy knowing his talent was going to be great whatever he shared.

Ephraim Reyes
 Posted on: Jul 13 2018, 06:48 AM
Time is racing towards us
D1 Trainer
Posts: 5
District One
Rep: 0 pts

The panel was one of the events in district one he actually liked. It was also one of the events where he actually showed up in time. It happened that Ephraim had a appointment and showed up half an hour late. It depended on whether he liked the person he had an appointment with or not. His uncle was one of the people he would kept waiting for hours for example. If one of the victors wanted to talk to him, however, he usually showed up in time. He didn’t even want to know what would happen if he kept them waiting.

Ephraim leaned back in his chair while they waited for the tributes to come on stage and show why they would be worth it to represent their district in the hunger games. They needed to bring someone home this year. District four won back to back and now there was seven in between. If they wanted to keep their reputation high, they needed a new victor. A new face to look at at events like this. A small chuckle left his lips when Fiona urged everyone on to start. It was clear she didn’t enjoy it as much as others.

A smile was plastered on his face when the first girl came on stage. He just looked at her, at her performance and the skills she lacked when it come down to fight with a weapon. One of the girls he had tried to help with her technique, but who didn’t listen to anything he had to say. It was her fault that it didn’t went according to plan on this moment. It was only at the end, that he made a few quick notes before he fixed his attention on the next person.

They all showed good skills, but they could do better if they wanted to be able to win the games. The man leaned his elbows on the table when the last girl came on stage. Lux Mercier. They had put up two dummies before she came on stage and he was curious what she was going to do with them. He was always curious when people requested things to be set up.

He followed every movement with his hazel eyes while he leaned a bit more forward. The smile slowly turned into a grin when she attacked the first dummy with her bras knuckles. He licked the way she was thinking. The short swords was in her hand before he could even blink and it was only a matter of seconds before the second dummy bit the dust. As soon as she bowed, his attention was back on his notebook where he wrote a few things down before he switched a page for the notes on the boys. ”Let’s hope we can actually send someone who manages to come back this year.”

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