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 no hope left, [Post-Games]
Patrin Chapati
 Posted on: Jan 29 2018, 02:14 AM
"One with nature."
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Day Two had ended any possibility for District Nine to produce a Victor. Both Sugarcane and Gage had been killed by the two tributes of District Four. It shouldn't have been surprising considering the performance of District Nine in the past few Hunger Games, but Patta had allowed his hopes to be up with Gage. He had been stronger than most, more dedicated and even his Game-Maker score reflected that. He was a front-runner from the go, and yet he had failed to make it past day two. Much like Jicama, Basil, Irana, and Odin. None of the past six tributes had made it past day two, and before that most of the District Nine kids had not made it past the Bloodbath either.

Patta sat in silence on the train back home. He was glad to leave the opulence of the Capitol, but he also could not believe it had happened so quickly. He truly had believed it would be different this time around. That something would change. Gage had it in him. He had fought valiantly, and sponsors were lined up to send him some things had he been able to survive the fight but he had failed to even accomplish that.

Patta looked at Liz, he had been the only tribute she had managed to bring back, the only one who had been anywhere close to the finals as well. District Nine was known for having poor performances, which sponsors continuously threw on their faces. And more importantly, the citizens of Nine would continue to lose faith in Liz and him.

"I really thought we had it this time," he said under his breath. It was uncharacteristic for Patta to not bubbly and in a good mood but he couldn't help himself. Not this time.

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