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Gabriel Iskariotes
 Posted on: Jul 11 2018, 02:57 PM
doubt is a pain so lonely, you forget faith is its twin
Posts: 9
District Two
Rep: 2 pts

”I’ll be right back,” the young man said, finally pulling away from the lips he had been all but attached to for the past hour. ”And don’t you dare go anywhere,” he finished, with a wink, before dashing off to whatever chore he had in mind. Gabriel breathed out deeply, content for the break. Asher had always been a thrilling partner - first in sparring, and then in their extracurricular activities, as the other boy liked to call it.

But while Gabe had no regrets, nor any intentions of backing down later, after the day’s exertion Gabriel hadn’t quite been prepared for a second round. But Asher had wanted to congratulate him for what he was certain would be a winning performance at the trials. Gabriel had hardly arrived at the afterparty that Asher had pulled him away. Composing himself for a moment, he emerged from the shadows of the concrete slabs they’d been hiding behind and surveyed the party that unfolded before him at the expansive construction site. The career had no idea who’d organized the party or how they’d gotten access to the site, but it was certainly an impressive setting. The music was blaring, the drinks were flowing freely, and the elite youth of District 2 were distracting themselves handedly from the long wait to morning for the results of the trials.

A drink. That sounded good. Too long without his own distraction would take its toll and Gabe had no interest in a single moment revisiting his performance. He had done well. He knew that. Any hope of sanity would rely on liquid assistance.

Meandering closer to the main bar, an improvised affair of strewn materials and stolen liquor, he set his eyes on a couple of beers tucked away behind the bar in a half-hearted attempt to save them from the general public. But whoever owned them would forgive him the indulgence. Or at the very least, they would realize it unwise to deny him. Taking a freshly opened bottle in one hand and the remaining six-pack with the other, Gabe started on his way back to where Asher would be expecting him, content to drink, relax and wait for his return. But something caught his eyes and interrupted his pace. A stranger just arriving at the party. The other boy looked to be around his own age, and built like a career, but Gabriel swore he’d never seen him before.

Crashing a career party? It was frowned upon at the best of times, but even less likely to go well after the feast of adrenaline from earlier that day. A lot of hot tempers could flare with the alcohol flowing as it was, and Gabe didn’t want to have to deal with that later on. Best to head it off early. Asher would understand, and hopefully this wouldn’t take long. Without another thought, he veered to the side and made to intercept. It didn’t take long to close the distance.

Holding out the six-pack and flashing a smile, Gabe called out, ”You better get a drink in your hand before someone gets it in their head that you’re some sort of undercover peacekeeper.”

Words: 529 words
Notes: Finally done. SORRY!
Xavier Gerard
 Posted on: Jul 13 2018, 12:25 AM
Posts: 16
District Two
Rep: 0 pts

Xavier wasn't usually the kind of kid who went to parties. He would rather spend his time training and spending time doing other things. In fact he had never really been to any of the parties that were thrown for the groups of training careers. He just wasn't usually interested, but he was curious too. He had to admit to himself. He wanted to know what it was all about. He was only fourteen and even though he looked far older than his age he was still a little awkward about these things. He didn't feel like he fit in with his peers because of how big and old looking he was, but he also didn't feel like he should be bothering the older kids. It was a weird situation to be in.

Hesitantly he stepped up to the building site. The music was already blasting and the beat of it made him smile. He always had liked music and he knew he had a decent affinity for beats and music in general. He sometimes liked to try to drum along with the music when he listened to it, but most of the time he spent training. He had spent hours doing that today too. Still here he was, tired or not. Curiosity had gotten the better of him.

When he finally entered the area he just stopped and looked around. He wasn't even sure where to begin now that he was here. What did people even do at these parties? He supposed they spent time with their friends. Of which Xavier didn't have a ton. He kept to himself for the most part. It wasn't always easy to balance the training with other things.Especially not when you were the kid of one of the trainers and felt like you had to prove your worth as far as your surname went.

Well he was going to try to make the best of things. Try. That was the best description. He had a feeling he already stuck out like a sore thumb. His suspicions were confirmed as one of the older boys came up to him. "Peacekeeper?" there was a hint of a laugh in his voice because really? This other guy assumed he was old enough to be a peacekeeper? He knew people mistook his age all the time, but still. "I'm not peacekeeper... just another career in training like the rest of the people here." he said with a small shrug.

It felt a bit weird to have someone think he was that old. He knew he looked older than his age, and he still wasn't even sure if he was done growing. He didn't think he was since he still had some growth spurts with achy joints in his legs sometimes. He eyed the beer carefully. Did he even want to try any? He hadn't tried any before and he had no idea what to expect. All he knew was that people drank too many and then started acting all weird when they got drunk. Did he want to do that? Was it fun? People seemed to like it, so maybe it was?
Gabriel Iskariotes
 Posted on: Yesterday at 08:35 am
doubt is a pain so lonely, you forget faith is its twin
Posts: 9
District Two
Rep: 2 pts

What an asshole. It didn’t take long for Gabriel to form the conclusion. He had a long and colorful experience with the assholes of his own training program, and he had never had much patience for them. Most did it for status, to assert their dominance and their right to be at the top of the class. More than once, Gabriel had put them squarely in their place. But to reject such an obvious olive branch and then assert that he was, in fact, another career crashing the party? It was a special sort who had the guts to pull something like that.

A frown settled on Gabriel’s lips and he pulled back the offer for the beer. ”Really? I didn’t see you at the trials today,” he said, an obvious shift in tone accompanying his words. Any of his classmates might have already resorted to physical posturing, reminding the other of their comparative strength. But Gabriel wasn’t ready to go down that route. He didn’t feel the need for any more violence today and he knew that such a thing would draw a crowd and inevitably get back to the trainers and, worse, his parents. Instead, he stuck to bitter words, hoping to project that the other boy was most certainly not welcome here. ”But I suppose whatever shitty training program you come from doesn’t always get their slots in the trials.”

As he pushed on, he tried to keep his voice level, to not rise above the dull roar of the party going on behind him. But a poorly timed lull in the music had projected his words, and he saw pairs of eyes turning to him and the boy in front of him. ”So, kid, what’s your name?” Whether their conversation would turn into a proper scene depended entirely on the other career’s response. For both their sakes, Gabriel hoped he would be sensible enough to remain cordial.

Words: 321 words
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