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 glitter and gold, Day 1 Late Afternoon
Raven Anthracite
 Posted on: Jan 13 2018, 07:36 PM
you've got my head spinning
Posts: 189
Rep: 3 pts

Finally! The doors to the elevators had opened and the car stood there waiting for them to get into it. Raven frowned and took a deep breath as she tried to steel herself to step inside. Surely the game makers wouldn't allow them to die in some sort of elevator accident. They had just managed to take out a career, they were giving them action. That was what the Capitol wanted, right? So, she was hoping that would be enough to make sure that the elevator remained safe enough for them to ride on as they rode to wherever it was that they decided to go.

She did hope that they managed to find somewhere to camp soon, though. She really needed to see if she had anything in her bags to take care of the wound that the career had given her with that spear, the same spear she carried on her back now. Though, she also knew that the longer she hesitated even getting onto the elevator the longer it would be until they could set up camp. With that thought in mind she forced herself to step forward into the rusty metal box and tried to look nonchalant in the process.
HP: 282/311 (91%
AC: 9
Injuries: Cut on upper right arm.
Clothing: (each item is worth 4 scraps of cloth). Undershirt, Jumper, Overalls, Gas mask, Heavy boots, Helmet with broken headlight. 
Inventory: Floral Backpack (Set of 6 throwing knives (1d40), metal flask containing 4 tea bags (empty, 2 portions), metal shards (6), cookies (1 portion), scarf), Yellow Tool Bag (first aid kit (40hp), Sticks (6), Large Bottle of Purified Water (2 portions), Bottle of purified water (1 portion), x2 Molotovs (1d13, must be ignited before use), Jumper (4 scraps), Spare Boots), Rainbow Fanny Pack (Cookies (2 portions), String, Salt), Lump of Coal (add +5 to your NEXT dot roll), Spear (1d30 short-range, 1d45 mid-range thrown)
Actions: Exited to Elevator Shaft.
Notes: N/A

Aggro (Once a fight, tribute can attack twice in one post)
Starvation (Can go one day without food)
Bravado +5 to attack when facing more than one opponent (Whether she is alone or not)
Robyn Thistila
 Posted on: Jan 13 2018, 08:07 PM
"Why be sad when you can smile?"
Posts: 166
Rep: 11 pts

Robyn smiles when Hugh presses his lips to her forehead. He was so sweet and forgiving. She was more than lucky to have him around. Especially when it seemed like she was the only friend she had. Oren was gone. She preferred to think he was alive and well, and had just accidentally left her behind. She couldn't bring herself to believe it was on purpose. Oren just wasn’t like that. She hoped he was doing just as well wherever he was. And that maybe she could find him. She wasn’t necessarily happy here. But she was glad to have Hugh and the two other tributes to keep her company. Though, maybe Hugh didn’t have to be the only friend she’d have.

Once Hugh leaves her to get on the elevator, she turns her attention back to the rat she’d caught. She holds it up in the air, her hands hooked under its little arms. It stared at her with beady eyes, little heart beating a mile a minute. She smiles at its clear terror and agitation at being caught. It was scared like she was. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you” she murmurs quietly to the animal. The little thing was so warm in her hands. It was exactly like the type she’d find back in seven. That was comforting. Having something to remind her of home like this little creature did. The rat reaches its head down to nip at her fingers, to which Robyn frowns. She lets go with one hand and bops it lightly on the head with her finger. “Hey, no!” she scolds before breaking out in a grin.

The rat stops trying to bite her, and she stands. While she’d been distracted, everyone had gotten onto the elevator. It was time to leave. She was still nervous, for sure. But she felt a bit better now that she had a little friend. She holds the rat a little closer, cradling it like a pet but still careful that it doesn’t bite her. “I think I’ll name you Tubbington...that’s cute. Tubs for short...since you’re such a big um-” she trails off. She didn’t know whether Tubs was a boy rat or a girl rat, but that was alright. Tubs was completely fitting. “Come on Tubs, we don’t wanna get left” She looks to the rusty looking elevator, not really wanting to board. It certainly didn’t remind her of the one in the capitol. Course, she didn't know the dangers of elevators since there were none in seven. She looks back to the ladder for a moment, almost expecting someone to show up and scare her. The very idea startles her enough into boarding the elevator.

HP: 319/319 (100%)
AC: 8
Injuries: None
Clothing: Undershirt, Jumper, Overalls, Gas mask, Heavy boots, Helmet with broken headlight.
Inventory: Shovel (1d30)
Tubbington "Tubs" The Rat
Black And Yellow Backpack: (x2 Glass Bottles, Cloth (12 Scraps), Ethanol)
Proximity: None
Actions: Exits
Rolls: None
Notes: None

Mutt Whisperer (Re-direct Mutt attacks to a tribute in your area)
Concealing (Automatic hide success once per IC day)
Fleedom (Can flee successfully (unlimited) on even days)
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