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 Sweet Dreams, Attn. Felix
Elliana Terres
 Posted on: Feb 14 2018, 03:58 PM
Posts: 19
District Two
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Elliana is the type of girl who likes a lot of structure to her life. She likes routine and going outside of that routine can cause quite a bit of anxiety for the young lady. She makes plans, schedules, and goals for herself that she expects to stick to no matter how far in advance they are made. It was simply how she was brought up. Her father had always been the exact same way and she'd had her days all laid out for her since she was just a little baby. Usually she did pretty well with keeping to her plans, but things had been going completely haywire since the night before.

She'd found herself with a headache after dinner and she had just felt miserably tired. So, instead of going back to the training center for a little evening session she'd gone to bed really early instead. Yet she was still tired the next morning and after going for her usual morning run she had found herself feeling quite sick to her stomach. She had tried to just ignore it so she could do her training session with Mason that she had set up. Of course she had managed to puke in the middle of that. It was embarrassing and had made her feel so weak, even if Mason had been so gentle about it.

After the session, she had decided she wasn't going to keep trying to push herself. Instead she went home, showered and changed into comfy clothes, leggings and an oversized hoodie that she had borrowed from Rowen one night and just hadn't given back to him yet. She gathered her school stuff and headed to Rowen's house to try and complete their typical Sunday Study session.

He wasn't home yet himself, but she knew his parents would let her in and they did. She showed herself to his room and got her textbook out. Of course she tried to make herself as comfortable as possible, wrapping his blankets around herself as she lay on his bed reading from her book. It wasn't long before she had fallen asleep all curled up in a ball.


Elliana giggled as she ran across the green lawn of her backyard, hiding behind a tree. "You'll never catch me!" she called out, peeking around the side to look toward Rowen. Oh how wonderful he looked in just a pair of swim trunks. His hair and body still wet from having been in the pool just moments before. Elliana had been laying by the side of the pool in the sun while he swam. There had been some attempted splashing and Elliana had run off.

Rowen just smirked at her and ran toward her. The two spent quite a bit of time running around the yard before Rowen had finally managed to grab her and pick her up. "Rowe, no!" Elliana squirmed, laughing as she was carried to the pool and Rowen jumped in with her.

When they came up she splashed at him with a smirk. "Big jerk!' she yelled, laughing still though. She wasn't truly mad at him, even if she hadn't wanted to get her hair wet. Rowen had turned his head to avoid the water, but then he grabbed her from behind and pulled her close. "Come on now...You love me." he grinned. There was just something about the way he smiled...

Elliana found herself tilting her head back and to the side. "I do love you." she said softly. What? Since when? Loved him like a friend yes, but...she couldn't love him more. Yet, she could feel it. She could feel it even more when Rowen leaned his face closer to her's. "I love you too." he whispered, pressing his lips to hers. It was a typical kiss from Rowen. The same kisses she had loved so much when they were fooling around. Yet, it felt like so much more.

"I love both of you."
He continued when he pulled his lips away, his hands gently on her stomach. Elliana felt confusion and fear rush over her. "Both?" She looked down and noticed that there was a little bump to her stomach. What the hell?


There was a noise in the room that startled her awake. Elliana sat up quickly, her arms wrapping around her abdomen. Okay, was just a dream. A really weird dream. She took a moment to catch her breath before her eyes settled on Rowen who was now actually in his bedroom with her. "Rowen..." she sighed and reached up, rubbing her hand over her face a bit as she tried to wake up and clear the dream out of her mind. "I kinda fell asleep..." she continued, as if it wasn't really obvious. She was still so tired and her stomach was still feeling off. Even more so now. She put the hood up over her head, and wrapped the blanket around herself more again as she laid back down. She even closed her eyes again. "How was training?" she asked sleepily.
Rowen Conrad
 Posted on: Feb 19 2018, 12:58 AM
I'll be there for you, if you're there for me too
Posts: 2
District Two
Rep: 0 pts

Elliana hadn't come back to training after dinner, and it worried Rowen. He knew that she hadn't been feeling good lately and it made him nervous to think that she was missing training again. She was dedicated to her training, not because she was going into the games but because she thought it would help her in the peacekeeper training. She was probably right, but that was beside the point. The point was, she never missed training, so when she missed two training sessions in a row, it made him nervous.

As the night wore on, he couldn't focus and he actually lost his spar to some stupid ass kid who thought he was going into the games instead of him. He laughed and shook his head, "You wish dipfuck, but you'll play hard trying to beat me in the competition asshole." Rowe knew that the asshole kid wasn't going to beat him in the competition.

When Rowen entered the house, he tossed his bag to the side and his mother called him into the kitchen. [color=pink]"Elliana is here, she's up in your room. She has her stuff for studying, she also doesn't look the best, darling. Take her this..."[/colo] On a tray was a plate of dry toast and a cup of water. He nodded his head and kissed his mother's cheek before heading upstairs to check on his girl.

Ellie sat up quickly and set the tray down quickly and rushed to her side. He took a seat in front of her and perked a brow.
"You alright, El?" He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Sleeping is alright." He pursed his lips and chewed on the inside of his cheek. "It was lonely, you weren't there." He grinned and reached for the water on the tray.
"Here, my mom wants you to drink this. She also made you some toast to help settle your stomach." He was concerned about her and wanted to make sure she was alright.
Elliana Terres
 Posted on: Feb 19 2018, 01:41 AM
Posts: 19
District Two
Rep: 0 pts

The way that Rowen rushed over to her was...something. What was it? It was endearing, maybe? She liked it honestly, but she hadn't exactly been expecting it from him. They were friends and they cared about each other, but...they weren't supposed to care that much, right? She kept thinking back to her dream. What They were just friends.

Was it normal that she wanted to just snuggle up to him and go back to sleep though if they were just friends? Friends could snuggle... She looked to the tray that he had brought up to her from his mother. Water and toast. Apparently she still looked as bad as she felt. First Mason had watched her like a hawk and now his mother apparently had noticed how sick she was without her having to say a word.

"Your mom is too sweet." She commented, pushing herself to sit up so she could take the glass of water from him. "And I'm sorry you were lonely. I wanted to train more I just...couldn't." she admitted. She took a couple of sips of the water, staring down at the blanket she had covered herself with. It was like she didn't want to look Rowen in the eye while admitting weakness, but she seemed to get over it quickly to vent to him about what had happened and how horrible she felt about it.

"I puked during training with Mason this morning...And cried...and he stared at me like I was going to fall over and die if he left me alone." Elliana mumbled, looking back up to him. She seemed sad really. "Also...this water is making me more nauseous. I don't think I can do the toast." she admitted, handing the glass of water back to him. She scooted over some, laying her head on his shoulder. This was Rowen. Her best friend. She could seek comfort from him.
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