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 Something Overlooked, Tag: Felix
Oakley Birch
 Posted on: Jul 11 2018, 11:48 PM
Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
Posts: 10
District Seven
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Oakley never had an easy day at work, but some days were much worse than others. Today was definitely on the "worse" end of the spectrum. It was after a hard rain. The dirt of the forest flood had turned to mud which naturally splashed all over him and dried throughout the day. Combine dried, caked on mud with sweat and the odor was potent. Oakley knew that he was the kind of dirty that would make his entire house dirty. That was unacceptable. He hated cleaning and he did not want to burden his family with it.

Oakley decided to head to a nearby stream after work to rinse the mud off. He figured that, once the mud was gone, he could dry off and be clean enough to walk through his home without tracking in a ton of dirt. Sure, it wasn't the kind of thorough, scrubbing clean he needed, but it would make due for the time being.

First he removed his boots and dipped them into the stream. Clumps of mud washed off and were carried away by the water. Oakley had to scrape the rest off with his fingers. And after cleaning his hands, he began to splash his face with water.

Meanwhile, Oakley was completely oblivious to the eyes peering down at him from a nearby tree...
Adansonia Beech
 Posted on: Jul 17 2018, 05:08 PM
Animals and children tell the truth they never lie....
Posts: 17
District Seven
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Ada often found herself skipping school, today it was because of the boy who called her crybaby when she fell down at free time. She had made it a couple of hours into the day before she took off running. The teachers never really tried to stop her, because there was no point anymore. She was way behind the other students and they weren't going to waste their time on her anymore. She was a lost cause and probably never amount to much.

She was in her tree, her favorite tree, near the top. She was laying down in it, Finnchy on her lap and a small book in her hand. She might not be able to talk very well, but that didn't mean she couldn't read. She had been up there for about an hour, wondering where her friend Oakley went. She hadn't seen him for a couple of days and she was starting to worry.

It was then she heard the splashing of the water below. She looked down at the boy at the water and she tilted her head at him. Her eyes narrowed and she swung down from the tree. The boy was tall like Oakley. "Whatcha doin' playing in the water, Oaks?" But once she got closer, she realized it wasn't her Oakly. She stopped dead in her tracks and stepped back. "Sowie...I fought dat you was someone else."
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