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 D11 Reaping, 123rd Hunger Games
 Posted on: Mar 22 2018, 06:01 PM
Seize the Day
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The crowds had gathered in the hot, sweltering sun for the announcement of their tributes for the 123rd Hunger Games! The potential candidates were all lined up and waiting with bated breaths to see who was to be announced their district's tributes.

We are so very proud to announce that the tributes for the 123rd Hunger Games are:


May the odds be ever in your favour...

Moxie Solanaceae
 Posted on: Mar 24 2018, 03:37 PM
I'm walking on sunshine!
D11 Female
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Moxie Solanceae

Once more, Moxie was herded along with other girls her age into rows. She stood near the back this year, with the other older girls. It was almost like a tiered race to freedom. Each year she took another step back and one year she'd be standing among the crowd, ineligible for reaping, and finally free of her fear.

She'd been through her identification, the blood pulled from her finger and matched to her file. Everyone had been accounted for. The people of District Eleven stood, the children in rows, the adults and smaller children stock still in a crowd. Everyone was just waiting. Moxie didn't dare draw a breath over the sound of a whisper.

The hem of her dress blew silently in the wind as the escort began the parade of fools. Out in the field, she'd be able to hear the wind rustling through the tobacco. A storm never sneaked up on them out there. They could hear even the slightest changes in the field, feel when the muggy heat got heavier. They knew when hard times were going to strike. Moxie knew here at the Hall of Justice, it was a different story.

Before long they had a boy ready for the Games, standing silent and proud as he should. A brave face, Moxie knew, but there wasn't a lack of bravery in Eleven. The escort dipped painted nails into another bowl, the scratch of the paper against the and their fellows sounded like the leaves of the tobacco plant rustling together, the very first sign of a storm to come.

And then, her name was called.

She stood bravely, her chin high, her fists tangled in the hem of her dress, ready to face the thunder and lightning.
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Chive Greenerthumb
 Posted on: Mar 24 2018, 10:01 PM
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The Reaping was possibly Chive's least favorite day of the year, not that any day of the year was particularly great for him. But the knowledge that two more kids would be drawn and sent to the Capitol to entertain a horde of power-hungry, privileged individuals made his stomach turn. Especially the notion that twenty-three kids would die in such a public day, Eleven was not unfamiliar with death but at least those were not broadcast for the entire world to see.

Chive hated the Capitol but he was too scared to do anything about it. He probably shouldn't have been considering he had already lost everything he cared about, but he had been taught to value his life, and so he did. Even if it was twisted, miserable, and not worth fighting for. He was the one who could help the children from Eleven though, and their families, they would not make the same mistakes as he had. They couldn't. There had to be a happier ending than his own.

He sat on the stage as the masses started arriving to the District Square, kids roped into small squares as if they didn't matter. They had all been reduced to a simple number. He felt embarrassed sitting up there, knowing he was a puppet, there was separation between him and his people, and he could not stand it. He could only hope they knew he didn't want to be there any more than they did.

The ceremony started, and for the first time the male was pulled out first. Strong, proud, confident, the spirit of District Eleven. They were regal, they were proud and hard-working. Then it was the girl, and even though he did not recognize the name, he did the face. It was the girl from the market, peaches, the kind soul that had made him think of Pea. His hand clenched onto the Mojo bag as he looked at her bravely make her way to the stage, she didn't look scared. She looked ready.
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