� July 2nd
� July 2nd
The July Newsletter is up! Take a read - Thank you!
� June 15th
The 124th Intent List is now available! Looking forward to seeing all your new characters.
� June 10th
JUNE NEWSLETTER is up in the Announcements! And the new OTM images are to the right. Congrats to the winners!
� April 14th
Gamemaker Sessions will be due May 2nd!! Make sure you take your time and read the rules.
� April 9th
Vote for a Bloodbath DateHere!!
� March 5th
Check out the March Newsletter.
� February 3rd
The 123rd Intent List is up. I can't wait to see those new tributes!!!!
� February 3rd
The February Newsletter is posted! Lot's of fun stuff!
� January 23rd
The February Nominations! are up. Please, please spread the love to our awesome characters and players!
� December 23rd
The January Nominations! are up. Please, please take the time to nominate some characters. :)
� December 20th
� December 1st
Look at that it's the DECEMBER NEWSLETTER!
� November 23rd
The December Nominations! are up. Please, please take the time to nominate some characters. :)
� November 20th
I know that some people might like to communicate through Discord - So here it is! AGAINST THE ODDS DISCORD
� October 22nd
October Activity Check is right here, please complete this by October 31st! Thanks!
� October 2nd
Look at that it's the OCTOBER NEWSLETTER!
� October 1st
Half of the tributes are gone...that means --- 122nd Intent List.
� September 1st
Look at that it's the SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER!
� August 11th
TRIBUTES! Make sure you get signed up for the events, these count towards HP in the games. Thanks! Event Sign Up!
� August 5th
AUGUST NEWSLETTER is up in the Announcements! And the new OTM images are to the right. Congrats to the winners!
� March 24th
It is our GRAND OPENING DAY! Welcome to ATO!
� March 8th
Welcome to Against The Odds! You may begin joining, but we are still under construction and things may still change. We are hoping that our Grand Opening will be March 24th!!
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 Posted on: Dec 4 2017, 09:18 AM
~Love is our resistence~
Posts: 485
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121st Victor
Would like to take the opportunity in this newsletter to send a big congratulations to @Shadow for her victory with @Circe Hallworth. You have contributed so much to our site, and we absolutely love writing with you here, so a big round of applause is needed for your brilliant victor and character! It was an exciting games and thrilling finale!

Hello To Our New Members!
We have had a handful of new members join us recently as our journey onto the 122nd Hunger Games begins! @Squirrel, @Criss and @Emmie - it is so wonderful to have you writing with us, we have already grown to love each of you and your characters, and can't wait to have fun plotting with you during pregames and throughout the games themselves. We would also like to welcome back @Ame and @Beau who we have missed dearly and - speaking for myself - I am so happy you have come back to us for these games and hopefully the following ones too!

So we've gone and caved in. We do now have a discord as many of you already know and yoiu. You can find us HERE! It does make our cbox look a little lack for luster, so keep an eye out for any guests that may pop into the cbox on the website. I will also look into coding the widget to replace the cbox eventually!

122nd Hunger Games
The intent list for the 122nd Hunger Games is available - spaces are being snapped up quickly. We are accepting second characters now, and I know a few of you guys have already snapped them up!

Of The Months!
Big congratulations to the winners of this month's OTM's!
Female OTM: Falabella Mustang (Felix's character)
Male OTM: Hurricane Ebbenfleau (Issy's character)
Ship OTM: Antiope & Phaedra (Alex's character & NPC)
Thread OTM: Back To Old Tricks (Bash & Carmina)

Your Admins
~ Suzi, Issy & Felix
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