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 Zephyr Molino, Alex // Brandon Perea
Zephyr Molino
 Posted on: Feb 10 2018, 12:51 AM
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Also Known As: Zephyr
Relations: Father. Mother. Two brothers. Uncle Bombilla.

Play-By: Brandon Perea

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Zephyr Molino was the second out of three boys for a family of windmill farmers. His family was well-off especially in comparison to all of those who had to work at the power plants. They didn't live in the busy part of the city, instead being able to live in the big plains that housed the mills to generate wind power. Zeph was a lucky child, being able to run around the plains, not worrying about having to go a day without eating, or not being able to play and do some child labor.

Zeph had a happy childhood, it wasn't until he was 11 that he started working with helping his family at the windmill. Mostly doing some heavy lifting here and there, carrying around sacks, biking to the city to get supplies from the shops downtown, making sure the power was getting to the sources. But it was a beautiful life. A life any child would feel lucky to have.

Zeph always thought he would continue the family business, simply living in the windmills, working to create wind power for the city, the Capitol and the other Districts. When he was fourteen, his father's younger brother Uncle Bombilla Molino moved to their home from the city. He was a big scientist of sorts, he had received a grant from the Capitol to make electricity more powerful, to find new ways to generate power that were more effective than the windmills, or the dams or the solar panels. Creating energy and power that would be more cheaper, and require a lot less work than what they currently had to do.

Growing up, he had always been somewhat invisible at school because he didn't have neighbors or too many friends due to living in the plains. His parents focused more on his older brother Boreas who was the golden child, and the always-troubled hyper Notus. Like many other middle children, Zeph went ignored, without anyone really noticing how good he was at things, how handsome he was becoming, the way his body was developing, how much smarter or stronger he was than his brothers. Zeph wanted to be noticed, but he never knew how to do so, as he did not want to take away from his brothers. Uncle Bomb was the first one to truly notice him, taking an interest on the young man, with the permission of his father Uncle Bomb recruited Zeph to help him with his project.

Zeph had always liked the work at the windmills, but being able to really use his brain was something that he excelled at. Uncle Bomb became the biggest role-model for Zeph, and he immediately started paying more attention in school wanting to be intelligent enough to follow on his uncle's footsteps. He wanted to eventually be able to find new ways to create power, to make a difference for Panem. In a way, he was a patriot, he didn't agree with the Capitol's methods or the Hunger Games, but he loved Panem for what it was, and more importantly for the under estimated District Five which always seemed to be overshadowed by other districts. But, were they not the most important? Without them there would be no electricity in the entirety of Panem.

One of the multiple experiments required them to go out into the fields and set up metal rods on the ground to see if it was possible to garner the power of thunder. As they set up, Uncle Bomb got an important call and left Zeph to set-up himself. Zeph knew this was his chance to really show how serious he was about being a scientist, creating power. This was it. But as he set up, a storm started, he was too far away from home to make it, so he tried to stay clear. Zeph hid under a tree. A tree that was struck by lightning.

When Zeph came back to his senses he was in a bed being tended to, Uncle Bomb was above him as were his parents and his brothers. And in their eyes he knew it, it was the first time they had seen him. Really seen him. It felt strange but it was all he had wanted was it not? It was hard to get back on his feet, but if anything he had always been determined. A scar went from underneath his arm pit all the way down to his ankle, he was lucky though to not have lost anything else.

Many men would have shied away from trying to find a new power source, stayed away from electricity, the experiments. But not Zeph. He had felt the power of thunder and he knew that there was nothing else that would be strong enough to power the entire nation. He needed to harvest thunder in order to offer electricity to the entirety of Panem after all there is nothing more powerful than electricity, and especially that one which surges through your body.

Despite the limp with which he walked with, or his family wanting him to stay away from Uncle Bomb's experiments Zeph got to work more determined than ever. He had grabbed onto thunder and he was refusing to let go.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OOC Name: Alex
Age: 28
Pronoun: He/His/Him
Reference: What's a reference?

Antidote: create antidote to poison after successful search
Shocking: Can craft one electric trap that deals 1d60 damage to all in your area, and stuns them.
Trap Master: Can create and set one 1d30 trap a day
 Posted on: Feb 11 2018, 02:37 PM
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Your application has been accepted! Now, it is time to complete all the CLAIMS that apply to your character. We hope that you have a great time continuing to build your character through Against The Odds!

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