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 Charvet Weaver, Felix // Marie Avgeropoulos
Charvet Weaver
 Posted on: Feb 20 2018, 11:49 PM
People have the right to call themselves whatever they like
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The first memory that Charvet has is of her brother, Kevlar's voice. He would sing to her when she cried, he would sing to her in order to keep her calm. It was the very first memory she had of him and one that she cherishes to the current day. She was born to two loving parents who took wonderful care of them. They were hard workers who wanted to do the best they could for their children, even if eight wasn't the best district to raise children in, Charvet felt loved as she grew up. Charvet grew up being stubborn as a mule and as independent as on well. But no matter how bull-headed she was her parents loved her.

But all things come to an end and when Charvet was six years old, her mother became deathly ill. It was hard for everyone in the family but their father took it hardest. He loved his wife, they had been together for so many years and knew at a young age that the two would be together forever. But forever came too soon for their mother. Charvet didn't understand right away, she would take mother soup that she 'made,' blankets, silly little plants that she picked up outside and even little drawings that she drew for her. But one day, a year after she became ill, she passed away. Charvet asked where their mother had gone, but the answer she got, she didn't like, so she'd ask again.

The man that Charvet loved, her father, became enraged. He screamed at her to stop asking where she was, she wasn't coming back. The more their father drank, the more violent he became and because little Charvet looked so much like the woman he had loved, she was his target. Causing her pain quickly became the sport he loved most when he came home from the bar. Cuts, bruises, broken fingers, and toes. It didn't matter, if she was crying he was happier and it didn't matter that the girl was once his lovely daughter.

Then one night, when Kevlar was at a friends house, Charvet went home from her friends early because she was tired. But she went home to a pissed off and piss drunk father who was looking for a fight. After breaking her nose and almost ripping her arm from her body, he finally left her alone to her own tears. She sobbed in a corner and when Kevlar came home, she didn't even bother to get up. She was shivering from fear and pain, that was the night that her brother put his mind to getting rid of their father. He had become a monster, the sweet man that was once there had died with their mother.

The night their father died, however, he died, Charvet cried. They were parentless now and even though the man had almost killed Charvet, she still loved her father. He had been a good man once and as the body of the man they once knew crumpled to the ground, she buried her head in Kev's side. She sobbed and tried to erase the memory of the man who wasn't so nice. She wanted to remember the man that would tickle her belly before she went to sleep, the man who told her she was the most beautiful little girl he had ever seen. Now he was gone and there was no bringing either of his forms back.

Once their father was buried, they were escorted to the orphanage. No longer under the care of any sort of parents, they were tossed away like old garbage. Charvet didn't mind much though when she arrived there, she was quickly the target of bullies. But growing up with an abusive father, she could take a beating and soon she started standing up for herself. She realized that laying down and letting it happen was no longer an option. She started fighting back and eventually, the bullies found other targets.

Things seemed to be okay for a while, that was until her brother's second year of the reaping came around. They both figured that nothing would happen after all his name was only in three times maybe? But when the girl's name was called, Charvet's heart sank but not as bad as when her brothers' name left the woman's lips. If she had been old enough, she would have volunteered, course it would have been too late anyway. She screamed for him, for someone to help him. But who was going to save a forgettable boy from the orphanage?

When she said goodbye to her brother, she quickly came to terms with the fact that she probably would never see him again. But she agreed when he said he would come home. He had protected her up until now, but now who was going to protect him. She wasn't stupid, naive, maybe a bit, but she wasn't stupid. She knew that he didn't have good odds going into the games and then coming home. But she had to have faith that he was going to come back to her.

Kevlar fought for his life, but Charvet barely watched the games. She couldn't watch him struggle, watch him kill so many tributes, she couldn't do it, and she wouldn't. She didn't want her idea of her brother to obscure because of the games that could change people. Instead, she put her mind to what she had found a passion for. She had started drawing again, putting her mind to drawing dresses, elaborate ones. Ones that would make a capitolite want to wear it. She designed tops, pants, shoes and even outerwear. She started submitting her designs to the people who they needed to go and she was laughed at, but that didn't mean that she was going to give up.

At the age of fifteen, they started to take notice, as she transitioned from drawings to actual fabric designs. People started to notice that the girl had some talent and they put her on the payroll. She had finally found her calling and even though she was had been an orphan she was making a name for herself. She didn't know whether the name came from her actual designs or the fact that she was the sister to the victor of eight. But it didn't matter, she was making money and she now had her brother back. She also had a place to live, but her heart and faith was once again tested when she turned sixteen.

A good friend of hers, Cam ended up getting reaped. They had been friends in school, he was only a year younger than herself and even though she was hurting, she knew she had to be strong for him. She went to say goodbye to him in the justice center and told him to live, to get his ass home to her. She told her brother the same thing, bring his ass home. She wouldn't blame either of them for not getting Cam home, but her world was shaken once again. But he came home.

Now, Charvet is a dedicated designer in eight who dreams of being a well-known designer some-day. She knows it probably won't happen, as people from the districts don't ever leave, she will never be a well-known stylist in the captiol she would die in eight and never be known by anyone in the capitol. Her life would only matter to those in eight and only of people in eight would remember she existed. But that didn't mean her stubborn ass wasn't going to try.

 Posted on: Feb 21 2018, 12:09 AM
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Your application has been accepted! Now, it is time to complete all the CLAIMS that apply to your character. We hope that you have a great time continuing to build your character through Against The Odds!

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