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 Florian Gingham, Shaney // Jaden Michael
Florian Gingham
 Posted on: May 19 2018, 10:56 AM
To live would be an awfully big adventure
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District Eight
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What’s in a name?

Florian means flowering or flourishing. Coming from District 8, that name holds a lot of meaning. The district depends upon it’s flourishing textile industry and Florian’s parents loved the thought of paying homage to that industry in naming Florian. So, for something to be flowering, means it can grow and learn. Florian was named with that intention. His parents wanted him to grow big and strong, to flower. So, he was named Florian. His surname, Gingham is a type of fabric. So, Florian, by name fits perfectly into District 8, where he was born.

I don’t want to grow up…

Unlike most people, Florian has always had a fear of growing up. While his 13 year old peers want to grow into adults and grow old, Florian does not. He’s grown up reading, as it was the only way to escape his life, and in reading he’s escaped to other Neverland...where children don’t have to grow up and live forever. He’s always been a dreamer and he longs to live in a world where childhood is eternal and the worries of adulthood never come to light. He suspects that comes from having to grow up fast and yet fearing that very concept. You see, Florian’s parents died when he was 7 and he has been running away from any home he was placed into since. Working in the textile factory, as is expected and then fleeing to a home in alley ways or under the stars as much as possible. He doesn’t like to be still or to settle in one place. So, he goes wherever the wind takes him, sometimes that means he stays with a family for a few days or weeks, then other times he lives under the stars or on the roof of the factory. He is a free-spirit who hates feeling tied down.

Death is part of life…

Florian’s life was pretty average until he was 7. He was the only child to two loving parents. He was actually their pride and joy. Every single thing they did, they did for Florian. They wanted nothing more than to see their little boy happy. They raised him on fairy tales and stories of times before...times many others forgot. They never spoke of the Hunger Games or the darkness. No, they kept Florian happy with tales of better places, fantasy stories where the good guys always won and darkness was never around too long. They made Florian into the dreamer that he is and he misses them everyday. When he was 7, an illness spread throughout his neighborhood. He was the first to catch it. He recovered, but his mother who took care of him caught it next. A high fever overcame her and she died a few days later. No sooner was she in the ground, then his father was struck ill. He too died soon after, leaving Florian alone. This was a lesson to the 7 year old, a lesson that those tales he loved so much were not all true and that sadness and darkness did come sometimes. However, he used those same stories to help him deal with his grief, as all of the heroes experienced loss and yet it only ever made them stronger. So, Florian let it make HIM stronger. He believed there was a lesson to come from this and so he determined death was part of life and that he had to experience it to know he didn’t want it.

I’m a free-spirit in a world of rules…

Florian never quite fit in after his parents died. He was a restless soul who could never settle in one place. Naturally, he was taken in by a family wishing to adopt him. However, he ran away from that home within a few weeks, feeling overwhelmed by the different kids and personalities. He then landed in another family, and once again ran away. For six years, he’s been bouncing from place to place, never staying long even if the families who house him are nice and mean well. He makes friends, especially within the factory, and he’ll visit them, but he doesn’t stay put in one place for too long. He just cannot be still. He’s got a restless soul and much prefers sleeping under the stars to having a roof over his head. In Florian’s world, he calls all the shots and makes his own decisions. He cannot do that if he’s stuck with parents he was not born to and a “borrowed” family and parents.

I’m just a poor boy...

So, this is how Florian has lived for 6 years, remaining under the radar and bouncing from home to home, always running away and opting to live under the stars. He’s learned to survive off of the land and to steal, when he must, to get necessities. He always finds a way to pay back those he takes from and he never takes more than he needs. The best way to describe Florian is a lost boy or street urchin. He does what he must to survive and he likes his safety and privacy.

 Posted on: May 19 2018, 06:44 PM
Seize the Day
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Your application has been accepted! Now, it is time to complete all the CLAIMS that apply to your character. We hope that you have a great time continuing to build your character through Against The Odds!

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