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 Guide to Panem, Map and Information
 Posted on: Feb 28 2017, 06:42 PM
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user posted image
Map of Panem


Population: 656,000 (approx.)
Capital: The Capitol
Government: Totalitarian
Religion: Banned
Language: English
Demonym: Capitolite, One, Two, Three, etc.

History: Panem was created with thirteen original districts that they ruled over for many, many years. They have always been the sole ruler over the half a million people. Population has ebbed and flowed where they needed it, but for the most part the people are destined to stay where they need to be. However, the people weren't always happy and District Thirteen had a First Rebellion 120 years ago. This was the first bombing and the start of the Hunger Games.

For 100 years, this had worked out well. But, Thirteen wasn't dead and actually they were reaching out to other districts who had rebel ideas. Another large scale rebellion and attempt at revolution happened the year of the 100th games. And Thirteen was obliterated. Not to mention all the trials and deaths of countless rebels in the districts of 8, 11, and 12.


This part of Panem is the most technologically advanced and richest of all the locations. The President resides here along with all of the gamemakers, escorts, stylists, and other citizens. It is a highly city like feel with many skyscrapers, lights, and venues. Downtown life is always busy. The Capitol is cradled in the mountains and is very safe from attacks. The train system is the only way in and out. There are about 100,000 residents.

The technology in all the districts varies and that includes the Capitol. They have the best of everything. They had long ago tasked District Three with focusing all their lives on improvements to society. The best of the best in certain industries even get a ticket to the Capitol. Medical advancements are the absolute best, nothing is incurable. Which allows for most of the doctors to be plastic surgeons to cater to the people's love of changing their looks.


This is a Career District of Panem that specializes in finished goods. They commonly are known for jewelry and wines. They are the richest district and have houses and a lifestyle that is close to that of the Capitol. They have a training center that trains tributes for the games and hold a panel each year to decide by favoritism who will be volunteering each year. They have about 20,000 residents.


This is a Career District of Panem that specializes in stone and metal finished goods and is also where the Peacekeepers come from. That are another rather affluent district where the tributes are trained and chosen before hand, but also start training to become peacekeepers at a young age. There is a competition system in place to choose the tributes from this district with a final test to become the tributes for the Hunger Games. There is approximately 80,000 people in this district.


Although this district is rather rich and smart, they are not the athletic type and do not train to volunteer tributes. Instead, many of the people from Three would rather compete to make innovative inventions or become engineers to be relocated to become gamemaker engineers. They have technology at the level of the Capitol and specialize in that. The population is around 30,000.


This is the last of the districts that is considered wealthy and have careers for most games. District Four can be rather vain and picks their tributes through a pageant competition in January before the Reaping comes in March. This leads to some great potential tributes, but also can backfire and send in some rather difficult ones. This means that District Four is always on the edge of being included with the other careers or sometimes just taken out at the beginning. They have a sordid past. Most are involved in the fish or destination industries. There are about 70,000 citizens most living on the coasts.


The people of District Five live in a modest world where they maintain the different types of power for Panem. There are jobs that involve solar, hydro, and coal. They are hard working and usually like routine. About 40,000 people live in this district.


District Six is one of the roughest places in Panem. Drugs, gangs, fights, and prostitution are major issues and it doesn't ever seem like the Peacekeepers get a hang of it. However, because these citizens are focused on these issues and most medicated, it means that they have little interest in rebelling as long as there is a good supply of morphling. There are some rumors about the Capitol's role in this, but they are only rumors right now. There are about 75,000 people in this district.


District Seven is basically a forest with a town in the center of it. Most of the jobs are related to doing the dangerous jobs of growing, cutting, and processing trees. They are a highly naturalistic group of people with only a few factories in town - sawmill and paper mill. This district is one of the smallest population-wise with only about 15,000 inhabitants.


This district is completely urban, there is little to no green and is mostly covered in cobblestone and concrete. There are many, many factories and warehouses to hold the finished goods. They get the cotton and other fibers harvested from Nine to make the fabrics for the Capitol. This district has about 80,000 people living in stacked row houses and apartments.


Nine's are known for harvesting many types of grains, mostly. However, they also have cottons and other plants that make fibers. There isn't much known about them, but it is another small town like feel where everyone knows everyone. There are about 18,000 citizens.


Milk and meat are the main producers of the district that is covered in spread out ranches. There are more cattle and goats and sheep and animals than in any other district. They ride horses and have a different sort of twang to their voices. Wool is sent to Eight. There are about 20,000 in this western like district.


Eleven is a rather large district that takes care of much of the food for Panem. There are vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other vegetation based foods. They send grapes to One to make wine. Because of the diversity and the land that is needed to produce most of the food for Panem, they are larger with about 100,000 residents.


This is the smallest district with only about 8,000 residents. They mostly all work in some sort of relation to the mines. Coal is still used somewhat in Five, but with other renovations this district is beginning to get a bit obsolete and they know it. The Capitol doesn't give them much and they are the absolute poorest.


This district was completely destroyed after the second rebellion. This happened 20 years ago after the 100th Hunger Games (a quarter quell that was particularly terrible).
 Posted on: Mar 30 2017, 11:19 AM
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100th Hunger Games

In the year of the 100th Hunger Games, the rebel cause had grown in defiance. Many of the districts were on tight lock downs with curfews and strict ruling by the Peacekeepers. They were on orders to kill any that are found to be involved in the rebel plot. But, they didn't get them all.

There were pockets of rebels in all of the lower districts who had suffered the most at the hand of the Capitol for the last 100 years. With messengers running between the hubs, they were able to decide that they would attack when the world was watching, when they could possibly allow those who were on the fence know to rise up and rebel all over Panem.

Many steps and groups were involved in this plan.

Squadron Alpha (30 rebels)
Destination: Capitol
Mission: Kill Gamekeepers & assassinate the president
Result: They were all killed by Peacekeepers when they came into the Government Circle from hiding. The President survived and there were no other casualties besides the rebels.

Squadron Beta (20 rebels)
Destination: Games Arena
Mission: To send the message to the rest to start the rebellion
Result: They were able to track down the location of the arena and travel to this location. With the help of a few rebels from D3, they were able to override the barrier and break into the arena. They ran in and attempted to find some of the tributes so that they could save them and also give the signal. Many of them were killed by mutts released by the Gamemakers and some by the career tributes that were remaining. All rebels died.

Other Rebels
Destination: In the Districts
Mission: Wait for signal and start rebelling
Result: They waited and were able to see the signal. There were different amounts of rebels in the different districts. In some places, the Peacekeepers were able to put the people down with just death. Other places were bombed, which was soon broadcast to show that the Capitol was still in control of them. Finally, they completely obliterated District Thirteen (which was thought to be the catalyst of the rebellion).

For the next few years, there was increased security and careful planning in the games. The Peacekeepers made sure to watch for any more rebel activity, but it seemed that all of the leaders had been turned in or killed already.
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