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The 123rd Intent List is up. I can't wait to see those new tributes!!!!
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The December Nominations! are up. Please, please take the time to nominate some characters. :)
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I know that some people might like to communicate through Discord - So here it is! AGAINST THE ODDS DISCORD
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October Activity Check is right here, please complete this by October 31st! Thanks!
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Half of the tributes are gone...that means --- 122nd Intent List.
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AUGUST NEWSLETTER is up in the Announcements! And the new OTM images are to the right. Congrats to the winners!
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Pregames have started! Reapings are posted in the Districts Justice Buildings. Here we go 121st!
� July 8th
The votes are tallied! Looks like the most votes were for Reaping on August 4th and Bloodbath September 15th. If you don't have a tribute yet, Sign up!121st Intent List
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It is our GRAND OPENING DAY! Welcome to ATO!
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 Guide to Citizens
 Posted on: Feb 28 2017, 07:14 PM
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Gamemakers are those who are any gender and mostly come from the Capitol. However, there are some that have proven themselves worthy to be pulled up from District Three. The upper administration is always Capitol born. These citizens are in charge of creating the arena and then making sure the games go smoothly. They are typically involved in a sub-division (medical, mutt, arena, etc) that they focus on.


These always hail from the Capitol and are mostly feminine. However, that does not mean that they are exclusively so. They are expected to go to the districts and have a relationship with their assigned mentors. Every Reaping they are the emcee at the Justice Building. They are usually stuck with a lower district until they have proven themselves long enough to take on a better district. Keep this in mind when making an Escort.


They are yet another piece of the puzzle that makes up a team from each district. Head stylists are exclusively from the Capitol, however it would not be unheard of for a very rich or talented citizen of District One to be pulled into the Capitol to be an assistant (but, they would never be more than an assistant).


These are generally male, but don't have to be. They are almost exclusively from District Two and start their training when they are young along side the training the teenagers go to to become careers in the games. Once they turn 18 and are not the winners of volunteering into the games they go on to the official Peacekeeping Academy. They go through two years of basic training in District Two. Next, they are sent to a District to start serving their time and work through the ranks. Peacekeepers are required to serve 20 years to Panem without marriage or children. Though, once they are in the upper ranks there is some variation in this law here. They could marry someone from Two and have them join them in their district. But, they must reach a higher rank of office.

District Citizens

These are the citizens that live in each of the districts. They are described more fully in the Guide to Panem by district.


On this site, the districts that have some rebel activity can be rated from high to low. There are groups of citizens that want to rebel like District Thirteen and the districts ebb and flow through this hyerarchy based on if they win a games or events happening in their district. Make sure to check out the Rebel Subplot to keep up with this awesome addition.

Highly Susceptible
    District 8
    District 11
    District 12
Somehwat Susceptible
    District 7
    District 9
    District 10
Not Very Susceptible
    District 4
    District 5
    District 6
Not Susceptible
    District 1
    District 2
    District 3

Tributes are citizens that are between the ages of 12 and 18. They are selected during a once a year Reaping in the month of March (24th). While Spring for most might be exciting for new life, in Panem it means 23 of 24 children will be slaughtered in an arena.


Not currently playable.
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