� February 3rd
The 123rd Intent List is up. I can't wait to see those new tributes!!!!
� February 3rd
The February Newsletter is posted! Lot's of fun stuff!
� January 23rd
The February Nominations! are up. Please, please spread the love to our awesome characters and players!
� December 23rd
The January Nominations! are up. Please, please take the time to nominate some characters. :)
� December 20th
� December 1st
Look at that it's the DECEMBER NEWSLETTER!
� November 23rd
The December Nominations! are up. Please, please take the time to nominate some characters. :)
� November 20th
I know that some people might like to communicate through Discord - So here it is! AGAINST THE ODDS DISCORD
� October 22nd
October Activity Check is right here, please complete this by October 31st! Thanks!
� October 2nd
Look at that it's the OCTOBER NEWSLETTER!
� October 1st
Half of the tributes are gone...that means --- 122nd Intent List.
� September 1st
Look at that it's the SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER!
� August 11th
TRIBUTES! Make sure you get signed up for the events, these count towards HP in the games. Thanks! Event Sign Up!
� August 5th
AUGUST NEWSLETTER is up in the Announcements! And the new OTM images are to the right. Congrats to the winners!
� August 4th
Pregames have started! Reapings are posted in the Districts Justice Buildings. Here we go 121st!
� July 8th
The votes are tallied! Looks like the most votes were for Reaping on August 4th and Bloodbath September 15th. If you don't have a tribute yet, Sign up!121st Intent List
� July 2nd
JULY NEWSLETTER is up with lots of important information!!!
� June 20th
We NEED a new staff! Check out the application - STAFF SEARCH!!!
� June 1st
The JUNE NEWSLETTER is posted with our latest information! Who is excited for the bloodbath tomorrow?
� May 24th
The Activity Check is here! And also don't forget to nominate some great people for June of the Months!
� May 1st
Check out our May Newsletter!
� April 21st
The Pregames have started! Find your Reaping in your District Justice Building!
� April 9th
We have a Staff Search Up! Also get those pictures for Shipper Forums to staff so we can get them in.
� April 2nd
Check out the April Newsletter! There is a fun event to go along with it!
� March 24th
It is our GRAND OPENING DAY! Welcome to ATO!
� March 8th
Welcome to Against The Odds! You may begin joining, but we are still under construction and things may still change. We are hoping that our Grand Opening will be March 24th!!
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 General Rules, READ FIRST!
 Posted on: Feb 28 2017, 07:16 PM
Seize the Day
Posts: 386
Rep: 3 pts


This board revolves around the happiness of the members and is highly member driven. While we know that we cannot always please the masses, it will all be very diplomatic. We hope and strive for a community that will hold respect, responsibility, and honesty in high regard. If you feel that anyone is not following these guidelines, please let us know so that we can correct the situation.

We hope that this board can become a caring home for so many people to come together for our love of role playing and the Hunger Games. With this in mind, please be sure that the cbox is kept respectable and kind towards other members, characters, and storylines.

Above all things, this is a board for developing characters on the board. While we would not stifle plot pages and general plotting and requesting threads on the forum or in a private message system, there will be consequences in games if there is plotting. There are examples in the Games Rules. If you ever question if you are crossing a line, message a staff.


The Hunger Games includes a wide variety of topics that could be considering triggering to many. Because of this, we will have a mature rating to the site and are considered 3/3/3. Any game thread could have the death of a teenager, so be sure you are prepared - because these won’t have a trigger warning (tw). However, threads outside of the games that involve death, murder, slavery, rape, incest, sex, to name a few must have (tw) in the thread title. If you are unsure if your topic is trigger worthy, it probably is and mark it accordingly. Because of the mature content, we do require our members to be 18 years or older.

There is no word count here at Against the Odds, however that doesn’t mean that we don’t strive for quality. We want every thread to have some meat and purpose to it. The idea is not about the number of posts a character can achieve, but more about the story we are creating together.

There will be monthly activity checks the last week of every month. This is not meant to be scary or intimidating, we just will ask for a link that proves your character has posted at least ONCE in the calendar month. There are other activity guidelines and expectations for the games, please make sure to review those also.


The Hunger Games book series is the inspiration of this board and we strive to keep to the canon world of Panem the best that we can. This means that at any point in applications or posts, there should be no knowledge of a world other than Panem. There are also certain expectations we have laid out in other informational threads about the culture of the districts and world of our Panem.

We also will strive for realism in the games and above all things this will be key to decisions staff make regarding movement and plotlines. Romance in the games will be rather frowned upon unless you spark us with something unique and captivating.

Chat Box Rules

As stated above, the chatbox is to be kept on the up and up behavior wise. Please understand that this is one of the first things guests see and we support a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to all players. We also request that you keep promotion of favorite tributes and planning to yourself. The chatbox is not the place for this.

If you agree to the terms above, join us!


Step One. Register your Out of Character (OOC) name using proper capitalization. This is what you want us to call you and will be the parent account for all of your characters.

Step Two. Register your characters first and last name using proper capitalization. Please be sure that your character’s name is not already in use on the site. There are millions of unique ideas in the world of Panem for names that we should not need any duplicates. If you need help, the admins love brainstorming names.

Applications are to be completed within one week from starting. If you need an extension, please keep in touch with staff. We hope that you take the time to read all of the site rules and regulations to expedite the acceptance process. We encourage communication with other members and a cohesive world for our characters. Please, do some research. This one week limit also applies to victor & face claims.

Claims we hope to be within five years of the actor/actress chosen. Please also be sure that the play-by is age 13 or older.
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