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The December Nominations! are up. Please, please take the time to nominate some characters. :)
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 Posted on: Jun 20 2017, 09:24 PM
Seize the Day
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Okay, so if you're reading this you're either curious or interested in becoming our new staff member. We were going to hold this off a little, but since the site has truly been taking a leap forward in terms of activity some extra help staffing is becoming imperative!

So for me (suzi), I'm looking for someone who can potentially keep up with my meticulous system for advertising - should a person be willing to follow my complete long and hefty method of organisation, that would be the icing on top of the cake, if not then I will cover all advertising (because honestly, it'll stress me out if the formatting goes awry, Issy can attest!). The next key things that need to be kept on top of (especially with this influx of new members and new character creations), is that applications are read through thoroughly, and processed in the correct ways (instructions will be giving to said new staff member), as well as the processing of all claim types.

At the current time, the new staff will be able to clean up most of the board things, but not much with the execution in the games. But, it is imperative that you are able to be around when Suzi and Issy have a tie that needs breaking.

Below is an application form, we ask you to complete it and PM both myself and Issy the finished copy. The deadline for this application is Thursday 13th March, so if you're interested, please have this completed and sent to us by this date. We will review and get back to all applicants by Saturday 24th June. We hope to announce the new addition as soon as possible. We need the help to keep the games running smoothly!


The Application

Why do you want to be a staff at ATO?
What skills do you have to offer at ATO?
How much time do you think you have to devote to ATO as a staff?

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